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  1. Here's another one! As the nights are becoming longer and colder we thought to keep you guys warm with a proper shuffle blues riff, this time from the amazing niche SNES gem PLOK! The then very young Tim and Geoff Folin got something amazing out of the limited capabilities of the SNES music chip, something that is as quirky and unique as the whole game. Enjoy and remember! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feMWBujjQ2M Stefan of REMEMBER CITADEL ( https://www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband )
  2. Hey guys, another contribution done by my Video Game Music collective REMEMBER CITADEL, this time turning the Main Theme of BF4 into a more Epic Rock version: Feel free to comment and stay updated by visiting our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband/?ref=bookmarks Cheers Stefan of RemCit
  3. Hello everybody, REMEMBER CITADEL, Germany's only video game music collective band, is about to release its second four track EP. As an appetizer for the full thing we (or me, this time) put together a little music video of its first track, Old Friends, from the awesome Transistor soundtrack. Feel free to check it out, comment, and also leave a like at: https://www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband/
  4. This is it: Our final demo track is a tribute to the man who composed your childhood, Koji Kondo, with a medley of different pieces from various stages of his career. I am sure you will get the songs featured, right? We tried to approach the jazzy feel of his orchestrations by having our tribute in a similar overall feel, that we hope pleases your ear: Please leave feedback and like and share our FB page to expect more cover versions soon: www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband/ Rock On, RemCit
  5. Thanks a lot for your kind, constructive and polite words. Much appreciated. We decided to go with programmed drums, because we felt we could achieve a better sound quality with a less complicated workflow, but we will record drums traditionally for our first "real" album. We already humanized the drums quite a bit, but I gave your feedback to our drummer, so we will try to work something out. Please keep in touch with us and thank you again.
  6. Hey guys, we would like to show you the third track of our upcoming demo, a little tribute to Akira Yamaoka and one of his greatest works: Please feel free to like, comment and share and check out our band page to be surprised for a special treatment for our next and final demo track: https://www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband/ Best regards RemCit
  7. Thanks for your feedback. Concerning the supposed emptiness: We don't record what we don't play live, so as a three piece band (GTR/BASS/DR) this is as good as it can get for a rock/metal type cover.
  8. Really nice work, loved the 80ies inspired pop feel of it. Interesting to hear an organ piece could work well for that kind of stuff.
  9. Alright guys, next cover of our upcoming four track demo, hope you like it (can you guess which video game music related band inspired us the most? ). We are proud to bring bring you back this classic gem from the 80ies in all its 8-bit fuzziness: Check out our Facebook page to stay updated: http://www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband/
  10. Thanks man! Yeah, VGLive was a big inspiration on us, even though we try to do our own thing as good as possible. On Thursday/Friday we will post our next track, so stay tuned.
  11. Hey guys, my new band project REMEMBER CITADEL, the first German VG Cover band, has just uploaded their first track from their upcoming four track demo: Please feel free to check it out, like, comment and subscribe if you like to hear more of us. Also, like and share our Facebook page to always stay update on our newest releases: https://www.facebook.com/remembercitadelband/ Cheers Stefan
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