3. completed The legend of Zelda : A link to the past - Santuary (Remix)

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You're new here, so I think you didn't read what "ready for review" is for: for remixes that the remixer thinks are ready to be submitted to ocr officially, to be judged by the panel maybe to be approved and become an official ocr mixpost. This remix is not ready for that. You have a few things to learn, including how to mix things more cleanly, and how to write a more varied and dynamic arrangement or a groove. This is a good place to learn that. We'll tell you what you're doing wrong, so you can learn to do it right. Welcome to ocr.


The arrangement is essentially a repeat of the source, with repetitive drums on top. Yes, there's a bit where you've created a nice variation of the source, but the structure is the same. When the structure is the same, or similar enough, you need other things to give the track its own - your own - flavor. I'm not hearing enough of that. It's not different enough in tone and mood either.

It's also overcompressed. So loud that the elements keep pushing each other down. That's a problem. It can be lessened by using a multiband compressor, but better yet if you avoid pushing the compressor or limiter on the output too hard. EQ the tracks to get rid of frequencies they don't need and to lessen frequencies that aren't important to them. That way you have more room for loudness without overcompression.

It's dynamically flat. It's one of the things you can vary if you keep the same structure. Have parts of different intensity, different weight. My favorite part of the remix is at around 2:20 when something actually happens and the track changes. The drums drop out and things get lighter and softer (and as a result, the compression is less of an issue). Things don't have to change that much all the time, but it's good to provide some change to the dynamics in the arrangement and mix. And there are many ways to do this.

The beat is repetitive, like it's just one single loop for the whole track. In mixes where the beat is repetitive, there's a strong groove that drives the track, usually a combination of a bassline or riff that works well with the drums. There are usually more subtle changes to everything else as well, filters opening or closing, and new elements coming in during a buildup. But even then there's often drum fills and other changes to the drums that make it less repetitive. Right now, it's like the drums are just put on top of the rest of the tracks.

The sound design is rather basic. There's little EQ and other effects to give each instrument its own space. It's like "this is a string ensemble, and it sounds fine on its own, so it'll sound fine in the mix", but that's not how mixing works. You have to give the instruments their own space, depending on their role in the arrangement. There's also a few weird synth sounds that don't sound intentional, that appear sometimes. The high-pitch at 0:21 is the first, I think. It doesn't sound intentional, it doesn't sound good.

It's a good source, with many melodies you can use, and your original writing here shows you can adapt to the source's chords and structure. You can get a lot more creative with this source. There were no clashing notes or other devastating problems with the remix, which is a good sign. Keep writing, keep mixing, keep learning. Again, welcome to ocr.

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