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BLoody Tears (for a School Project)

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I decided to make a Bloody Tears remix for a Music Video Project which will be my final in this class.

Im in the finsihing stages with it...one thing that has tot be done is record real guitars (and possibly drums) and fix some timing issues...but I wanna know if there is anything else to be done other than than..or just any Ideas.




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I like this, but I think some of the parts aren't like they should be. As an example.. where the song builds up at certain parts then shifts to the next section. Personally I think it would sound a lot better if you incorporated dynamics into this piece. Make the parts where it builds up to a little more dynamic to capture the emotion. I love the original track of this song, but this one lacks emotion.

Keep it up.

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There are a few parts where it feels like it "stumbles." Maybe I'm just imagining it, but it feels like there's an occasional extra 32nd or so of a beat at the beginning of a measure.

Otherwise, I like it. Samples are cheap, but production is otherwise decent, and the arrangement is nice. Wouldn't make it onto OCR, but I'll definitely be keeping it.

Using real guitars will go a LOOOOONG way in helping those production issues.

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Does Reason have a "snap to grid" option? Cuz yer timing's off, and such.

That cybmal (*EDIT - whoa, I wrote cybmal!*) is so irritating :( You'd do alot of good to add some reverb onto that drumkit, create the illusion of natural albiance, a short plate would fit nicely.

Also, why is your bass panned left? Put it in the center so it doesn't throw off my immune system anymore.

Good arrangement. If you improve the timing of the song, and the sounds of the drums, get rid of the fake guitars and replace them with nice sounding synths, you can have a terrific synth-metal wankfest.

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