3. completed Bergentruckung/Asgore from Undertale

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This is a nice idea you got going on here. The drums are really nice. The bass seems to be a little to loud and often covers the main melodies in the song. Also the pad you have going is a nice effect but, I feel it should be quieter because it sometimes overshadows the melody. The piano should be brought out since it's the instrument playing the lead part. Overall really good.

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A helpful thing to note about mixing is that, you want everything to be balanced, but not TOO balanced. You know what I'm saying? Because if everything is at the same level, there's some frequency space power struggles. The soundscape sounds a little on the empty side. It's pretty conservative. Maybe you did, and I just can't tell, but consider using panning. It spreads things out and allows you to put more stuff in. Put stuff that's less important farther out, and stuff that's more important closer in. Visualize panning like a stage of musicians. Other than that, I think this isn't terrible, I like the drums. Although the snare seems oddly... Low power. It just sounds really disappointing lol.

If I may ask, what instruments do you play? I'm just curious. I always find it interesting to see who plays what (I tickle the ivory).

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