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  1. This has gotta be one of the best source arrangements in the whole Zelda series. If my mix sounds good right now - don't fool yourself! You don't like my arrangement, you like the composition. So I'm giving this source some sweet lovin'. Source: ReMix: Zora Band v. 2: And One More For the Road v.3: Song for Brother Mikau v.4: Version 3 felt too muddy. Opted for a brighter sound, and less reverb. Added some limiting and very very tiny amounts of compression. Who Mixed This Chateau Romani?
  2. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. work-in-progress Majora's Mask: Zora Band Lounge ReMix

    Updated - clearing the way for some sweet trumpet to come in.
  3. This is a source I've been working on for probably the longest out of any of them. It's gone through hip hop, orchestral jazz, and now Gypsy jazz iterations. I'm gonna stick with the Gypsy jazz arrangement and take it to the end. Source: ReMix: Your Django is in Another Castle V. 2.0 There's a Gypsy in My Cartridge
  4. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. work-in-progress Super Mario World - Map Theme Gypsy Jazz ReMix

    Thank you, glad you enjoy! Update: Added a little more content to it, will fix the solo section and make the lines fit better together. I'm not use to playing at 195 bpm that often Listening to it with fresh ears, it sounds like the tempo could be bumped up a tad too.
  5. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. work-in-progress Majora's Mask: Zora Band Lounge ReMix

    I would love for you to do live trumpet, but I asked the one guy that I know and he agreed to do it. I will take your feedback into consideration for further arrangement, and maybe we could do trumpet in the future for something else.
  6. Since I have no moneys, Shreddage 3 Free just released, so here's what I've been doing with my life all day. It's out of time because I haven't gotten to that part yet, mainly just been playing around with different tones and stuff. ReMix: Crash Man's Bitchin' Ride
  7. I listened to some of this, and I am thoroughly entertained.
  8. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. work-in-progress Majora's Mask: Zora Band Lounge ReMix

    Could you give me a timestamp for where you think it sounds jarring? I just don't understand exactly what you mean. I would love to include saxophone or harmon trumpet, but, right now I only know how to play trumpet slightly, and currently, I don't have anyone at school who could, but... I do know ONE person who could be able to do it... maybe I'll write a part out and send it over. Saxophone is out of the question, nobody I know plays saxophone well enough for what I need. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. I have this arrangement of what I think is a rather obscure Sonic theme. I used to play Sonic Advance 3 a ton, and this song is engrained into my childhood. And instead of the traditional R&B type style that it's originally in, it works really well with jazz. Source: ReMix v. 1.0: Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll Jazz ReMix This reworked version sounds much better and a whole less... what the heck is going on. Update 2.0: New Staff Roll
  10. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. work-in-progress Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll - Jazz Quartet ReMix

    I got around to working on some older stuff since I recently acquired the full version of Kontakt, which means I finally get to use Django. I added guitar to this track and updated it a bunch. It's a completely different mix now.
  11. Ridiculously Garrett

    Name some good games for small children

    Chibi Robo? That's a pretty kid friendly game I feel like. EDIT: Kirby Air Ride is quite a simple game.
  12. Ridiculously Garrett

    An OverClocked Christmas Vol. XII...

    I think you can all guess my sources pretty easily.
  13. Ridiculously Garrett

    An OverClocked Christmas Vol. XII...

    Is there going to be another listening party again this year?
  14. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. recruiting TURBODRIFT : A Mario Kart ReMix Album.

    I'm real surprised there haven't been more bites on this one. Hopefully more participants will come soon. I'll write a letter to Santa.
  15. Submitted! Merry Christmas OCR Collaborators!
  16. Ridiculously Garrett

    'Twas XVII

    I mean. Art.
  17. Ridiculously Garrett

    A Tribute to the SNES by the OC Jazz Collective

    I don't know how I missed this! I would be interested in arranging, but I'm not sure if I have the time right now. Looking forward to the final product!
  18. In developing as a musician, I'm trying to start doing new things - this includes longer practice times, broadening of repertoire, and of course, spending more time thinking about arranging. I've been reading an awful lot of sheet music lately, something I desperately need. Hopefully this arrangement (not yet done) reflects that in some way. This song seemed like an obvious choice for a jazz rendition considering it's already structured around fourths and seventh chords. I'm not sure if I will get this recorded live, but it is possible. It would be really nice. Let me know of any feedback! Still early in production, will be a while before I finish it, as there are some more pressing projects to work on. ReMix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L63AnbiYCaTcuUKt43Pz4fsx9JZnU6Q9/view?usp=sharing Source:
  19. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. work-in-progress Time of the Falling Rain/Intro - ALttP Lounge Jazz

    Now you're making me want some coffee as well!
  20. Ridiculously Garrett

    1. recruiting TURBODRIFT : A Mario Kart ReMix Album.

    Will the deadline be postponed if we do not recruit enough remixers in time?
  21. Ridiculously Garrett

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    What could possibly go wrong?
  22. Ridiculously Garrett

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    Knack 2 wasn't my real pick, my real pick is Monster Hunter Ultimate 3. Best game ever. Rest in Peace MH3U Online. Rest in Peace.