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  1. I wish I knew anything about arranging for big band. You've clearly got the chops for it! I love the liberty here.
  2. Thanks for your criticism! With @Bowlerhat's live flute, there will be enough variety to make it sound more interesting and less, "Okay, I dig this groove, but what's hot here?" Glad you enjoy it!
  3. Ridiculously Garrett

    Hiring of Musicians

    I like the idea, not sure that this would fly with OCR though??? I couldn't tell ya.
  4. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    Since we're exploring music education, I want to say nowadays, music education on the university level outside of schools like Berklee, Julliard, NEC, what have you... in my experience, it's a complete joke. I'm going to Endicott College, and it's a great school. I went in as Computer Science major, realized it wasn't for me, and I switched to Liberal Studies with a concentration in Music. Now I did this because what I really want to study is music (we don't have enough money to go to music school, ok how can I make this work). Well... it's not working. It's a complete joke. I have private instruction... he doesn't have me do anything. He just kinda stands there. In jazz band (frustrating for me because this is something I really want to look forward to), our instructor hardly makes them work hard not only to play right, but to play tight. Every section is very weak. I had some music classes with the same professor who does my private instruction, hey guess what, we didn't do anything in those classes and I got an A just because. At the end of the day, I'm switching majors. And this is a college; we hosted an intercollegiate jazz fest with other schools in the area, Ipswich High and Beverly High played, then us and Gordon College followed by Boston University. It goes without saying we were terrible compared to the other universities, but even the high schools were miles better than us. Maybe I'm just a kid who's wishing he was going to music school, but this level of education is less than mediocre.
  5. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    Is it possible for me to agree on both sides? I'd like to do that.
  6. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    I have to say, for me, this is probably the saddest. While I have contended that pop does not equal less musicianship, I will agree I'm not a fan of the kind of music that plays on today's radio stations. I've tried playing music that I enjoy in the car with my peers, which is usually jazz or R&B, and they usually ask "What the fuck is this?" Then they put on Post Malone or Drake. I've asked them too why they don't like my music taste, and their response was, "Because we can't get lit to it." I'm sure people were getting lit to Bill Evans in 1963.
  7. Ridiculously Garrett

    2. ready for review Zelda (NES) - Dungeon

    I can't speak for anyone who's gonna judge, but I love seeing mixes blown outta the water in a whole new direction. I like this a lot!
  8. Ridiculously Garrett

    Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    I'll take Animal Crossing with K.K. Crusin'!
  9. Update: I'm gonna get to editing this again this week! I've done a little bit with this in the past month.
  10. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    I think it's interesting, from an economic standpoint, that's how it is in America (or let's say in capitalism). Based on class alone, not too many rich and poor people are intermingling. I think it has less to do with any differences of sex and more to do with how a capitalist class system is set up. Ok, bringing it back around! Haha I'm studying liberal arts right now, but I'm not liberal. Is that a problem? But yeah, I agree. We're tied to our biology. And I think this will add to the talk of of the differences of sex side that could be incorporated into the business: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/03/06/chart-the-percentage-women-and-men-each-profession/GBX22YsWl0XaeHghwXfE4H/story.html It seems like a pretty even split in the music business between men and women, roughly.
  11. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    I just wanna clarify that I said this immediately after: "If you want to be a performer, you had better take every gig you can, and be able to nail everything the arranger or composer needs. People don't get out of college and become these famous musicians, at least, not people like you and me. Performers nowadays? Years and years of nailing gigs and hard work."
  12. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    Also, working towards being an established composer will make the bank. I mean, look at this amount of money! https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-businessmen/producers/john-williams-net-worth/ EDIT: Also, this: https://www.recruiter.com/salaries/music-composers-and-arrangers-salary/
  13. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    I like the idea of getting experimental. Take this music for example: These aren't electronic musicians per se, but this group Two Steps From Hell uses a lot of electronic effects in their music. Modern film scoring sees plenty of influence from all genres of music, including electronic. Being a dj is a form of performance, as you know, there are plenty of people who do it nowadays, for example deadmau5. He makes all his tracks and performs them with whatever his setup is on stage, but he couldn't play his music on an instrument. I think if you were to get experimental with it, it'd probably be really fun. There's totally a market for electronic/orchestral music (and better yet in one of the more profitable areas of music - film scoring!). EDIT: (The first video is Two Steps From Hell, not the second)
  14. Ridiculously Garrett

    Music Business

    Music isn't a dying business at all. Bands or artists performing live is absolutely huge still. Look at any pop artist nowadays. Rock, jazz, etc. - performance is huge. There's a certain experience seeing favorite bands play their music live that people want to see. If you want to be a performer, you had better take every gig you can, and be able to nail everything the arranger or composer needs. People don't get out of college and become these famous musicians, at least, not people like you and me. Performers nowadays? Years and years of nailing gigs and hard work. And orchestras are not failing. Those aren't session musicians up there, those are people who are paid to be a member of the orchestra. Being a freelance classical musician nowadays without any other job is pretty impossible. But that doesn't mean it's "failing." Music is a business that favors hard work. If you look at anyone who's famous right now, they probably do their work. Maybe, just maybe, there are some artists that arguably are "bad" or "shouldn't be in the spotlight," but pop music is pop music. Pop does not equal less work or musicianship.
  15. Nice. I'm assuming the strings are a plugin? They sound so good!