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FF7 & FF8 "Finding Your Inner Alien"


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Hello! This is a remix that I just posted on SoundCloud and submitted to OCR.
It started out as a plain Jenova remix, but after messing around with it and adding some harmonic layering from Find Your Way (FF8) onto the chords and started messing with the chord coloring, it sounded cool enough to me so I added a section that is more centered around that source in the middle of the track. What do you think? Do the sources work well together?





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I am not familiar with the source material but I can say that this piece is very enjoyable and emits the Platonist vibe.  I liked the syncopation at 1:30 especially; it certainly changed up the song and kept it interesting. I'm sure it will get posted. Keep up the great work because I enjoy your work.

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