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    I started writing music in the late 90's, both with guitars and electronic music. I've also played the piano from time to time since birth.
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    Jonas Loman
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    Software Developer
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    Schism Tracker

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  1. Bump: accidentally used a 1-day-expiration link for join. It has been updated and is now working as intended
  2. Hello, everyone. We at Reunion Netlabel just launched our new discord server. In a time where algorithms hide posts and/or put people in bubbles, it's good to have a central hub to make sure those who are interested get notified. I dislike the idea of a mailing list, and i do enjoy talking to people so a discord server is more fit for us. Also, in case you didn't know, Reunion returned last year after a pretty long hiatus and we do not intend to go anywhere anytime soon, and we finally have some new releases queued up, so stay tuned for those. Join here: https://discord.gg/WE44Vnq cheers, Jonas / Plato
  3. Oh wow, now I kinda regret not finishing my Lufia II remix. I didn't know this project was still coming :O Edit: great remix! i forgot to write a review! Great airy sound throughout. Good to see more remixes by the djp himself.
  4. Hello again. Brok3n Beats (Me and my dear friend Victor) just released our debut EP "Unwoven Basket" on Reunion. It's something that we've been working on for quite some time whenever we've had the time. Feels good to have it out, at last. Victor came up with the idea/story behind the EP and I've worked more or less like a producer, but also contributed a lot in the writing process. We're both way out of our comfort zone here, and I think we've learned a lot about ourselves. stream on youtube: support on bandcamp: https://brok3nbeats.bandcamp.com visit Reunion website: https://platonistmusic.com/reunion cheers Jonas
  5. Will do, I've gotten more reports of the site being weird, especially in Firefox. Gonna check out the control panel next time i have time to update the site. Climbing the Tree of Life seems to be the one, you're like the 20th person to point to it. Duly noted
  6. Hello all. I just released my new Goa Trance album, Flight To Europa with my new project A Flying Dryad. This means that Reunion is back and open for submissions, but I don't know how active we will be. Our hiatus lasted almost 6 years so most artists who contributed before have probably moved on by now. I made the album using Renoise Tracker, so it's NOT like the stuff you're used to hearing from me. I've spent most of this year working on the album so it would be cool if you would check it out. If you're interested in Goa/Psy that is. Album can be streamed on youtube or downloaded from bandcamp (name your price). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJvmJRLb_cI https://aflyingdryad.bandcamp.com/releases http://platonistmusic.com/reunion cheers Jonas
  7. I would hope so, Matt is better than me at everything. Thanks for giving it a chance, at least.
  8. Hello everyone, plato here. I just bought a new computer and can now record video again (the CPU was completely wrecked on my last one and I haven't had an income until recently), so I've rebooted my behind the scenes series on youtube. There was only one OC ReMix related entry on there (my super metroid remix) when my CPU went to sh-- a few years back, but I uploaded the next one in line yesterday after installing OBS. I have more stuff planned now that I can actually DO interesting stuff again, but one should never announce something unless it's done. I am using the "single to promote upcoming finished album" clause of the rules here, because the remixes I will be posting in the near future are all done and already posted on OC ReMix. DERP. The Guardian Legend - Miria's Ascent Schism Tracker video: https://youtu.be/WkRsfEl1vqg My life came to a halt when this happened, taking on more jobs as a producer was impossible and I was pretty bored with having to pre-render tracks when mixing with VST. Anyhoo, here's for the future.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. This is not "normal" trance, no. It's a combination of deep trance and dream trance. Two sub-genres no-one ever cares about.
  10. As I submitted my first remix in late 2007, which was posted in 2008 I was not on your CD, but it made me realize that it's been 10 years, holy hell. And yes, indeed; A big thank you to all the veterans who inspired me to submit in the first place. pre-2008 ocr shaped me and my later contributions. I still remember the first time I found an OC ReMix on ... hrm *cough* dc++.
  11. This reminds me of another user on SoundCloud. They haven't contacted me, but they have liked my Solar Jetman remixes with at least 5 different accounts. They're obviously the same person, but with a new account every time, and it creeps me out even though my case is rather tame compared to yours. Hope you get them to stop.
  12. Thanks! Glad you liked it. About the bass synth, haha. Yes Indeed, it's a weird sample to use in that section, but it was part of the original loop (that i mentioned) so I guess I'm just used to it after a decade (LOL). Glad it didn't ruin the experience for you Cheers
  13. Hello again, OCR! Here's a new* remix from Legend of Mana that I just finished. * It started out as a loop back in 2008, made it a full length thing in 2015, and finished working on it now after putting it aside for... a year or so. What do you think? Cheers, Jonas
  14. Hello! I forgot to post here, so here i go. Made a short chiptune / drum & bass track called Stop. my first original dnb track in years, don't know what else to say. What do you think? cheers
  15. Sure! It's the main battle music (not castle) that plays in woods, fields & caves. It hasn't been remixed a lot (despite being quite catchy imo). And the zelda 1 reference is on purpose, I've included it in all my zelda remixes so far (in one way or another) The arp isn't included in the source, so it's my take on the chord progression. And yes, I understood what you meant with the abrupt cut at the end, I consciously set the master volume to 00 for that effect. that's an interesting point, I didn't think of it like that. I have a thing for music that's a bit mechanical and "naked", though, as you said.
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