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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I find that I have much room for growth in terms of production. Regarding the strings being too static, I agree. I was thinking of that being a problem with the instrument itself. However, what is a good way to mix this section better? Around 1:11 being too harsh? I am not sure I hear it the same that you do. I really wanted a wide dynamic range in this piece and that may be why you feel that way? Tempo changes in FL Studio has been one of the many challenges I have. I am a classically minded musician so I love to have lots of tempo changes. Mayb
  2. I still would like to have feedback please. This the only time I will bump this thread.
  3. I enjoyed the relaxed tone and cool sounds of the song. It'd be nice if it had a more defined ending. A stronger B section would also be awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hello OC Remix Community! I have visited and enjoyed OCRemix.org since the year that it opened. I tinker with writing music and making remixes from time to time. I want to get feedback on my most recent remix. I also want to know if it would be a good idea to submit this piece for review. My piece is titled "Truth Be Told." The themes that I used were from two songs from Phantasy Star 4 called "The Age of Fables" and "Requiem for Lutz." These songs can be found in the Phantasy Star 4 soundtrack as recorded and uploaded by Dustin Odell on YouTube with timestamps 1:24:09 and 1:10:52 respect
  5. Souperion and JulienMulard, thanks so much for your feedback! My goal for doing any of my remixes is to pay homage to the original piece of music and game as well as to hone my composition skills. Souperion, I really wanted that warm sound that you mentioned and am glad that you noticed it. JulienMulard, thanks for complimenting the drums. None of this piece is performed, unfortunately. I did try really hard to humanize the piece, especially the drums. For example, I frequently made the drums hit the beats randomly early. I also made frequent slight tempo accels and decels. One
  6. I have long loved the puzzle game Columns and subsequent releases in the series. A Columns game with some of the best music in the series is certainly Columns 3 on the Genesis/Mega Drive. The song Columns Dive is a fan favorite and it is a favorite of mine as well. The following is the source: Here is my remix of the source: I have complete this remix. The reason for asking for feedback is so that future remixes can continue to improve. I also want to know if you think that this is of a quality high enough to submit to OCRemix. Thanks.
  7. HoboKa, thank you for the feedback. Often when I feel that a remix or original piece is progressing well during development I fear that if I work on it again I will only make it worse. Sometimes that keeps me from finishing projects. However, I am determined, even it takes a lot of time, to finish this remix. I really enjoy the end result. Have a good one!
  8. Hey OC Remix community! I am still improving my production and composition skills with the little time that I dedicate to writing and producing. I am hoping that get some input that will help this remix be appropriate for submission! As a caveat, I do plan on recording a few classical instrument performances (I play the clarinet) and I will humanize the piece a lot when I near completion of the piece. I also have not "master mixed" the piece. However, I think that this piece is coming along nicely. I intended for this piece to mix classical with electronic elements (there are two synths). Phan
  9. Gario, thank you for the time you took to listen and give me pointers on my remix. Feedback is a big reason why I have submitted then re-submitted this piece. I don't have much time to write and remix music so I consider my skills to still be amateur. I still have much room for growth. You say that you believe that I used gain throughout this song. I did not use gain. I changed the volume using each individual channel volume nob (violin, viola, cello, etc) prior to the grouped channel processing (reverb and EQ). Something that could make it appear that I used gain was that the volume chan
  10. This this is a remix using the sounds from a commercial for Chu Chu Rocket on the Dremacast that aired in Japan circa 1998/1999. I am not submitting this because it will probably be rejected. That's alright with me because this remix is a lot of fun. My brother and I did this remix back in 2003 (doesn't seem so long ago but that's 14 years ago!). This song would probably be considered "fun with sound" more than electronic but that's ok. I found this forgotten remix on my old Halo Special Edition XBOX that my parents found at their house. I recorded it, denoised it (it contains some clicking an
  11. I released my latest classical piece. This song accompanies a story that I created titled Remorse Nothing More. It is a full orchestration created in FL Studio. Please let me know what you think.
  12. I have the basics of a novel titled Remorse: Nothing More that I would love to publish one day alongside an album with each song corresponding to a chapter of the book. The album would all be orchestral (at least mostly) and each chapter's song would correspond with specific events in each chapter in mood and style. In this chapter, chapter five titled "Sustenance," the main character and the supporting character are resting after spending an entire day burying the martyred townsfolk. This rest after the weary and sad work is what the beginning is based upon. The supporting character then reve
  13. I am not familiar with the source material but I can say that this piece is very enjoyable and emits the Platonist vibe. I liked the syncopation at 1:30 especially; it certainly changed up the song and kept it interesting. I'm sure it will get posted. Keep up the great work because I enjoy your work.
  14. I have already submitted this piece but I really, really would love to hear suggestions from other users. I improved the instruments a lot prior to submitting this piece. The game I remixed is Populous released back in 1989. The original piece can be found on Youtube here: The remix of the song can be found on SoundCloud here: Thank you for your time.
  15. Hey Nom, There are some other ways to humanize MIDI. If multiple instruments have the same rhythm, you can offset one of the instruments by a very small amount to cause a small amount of tearing. If you don't want to record MIDI notes by performance, then you can also change the dynamics and hit each and every note. Furthermore, even if you can't record every single instrument then you could record one or two instruments to mix into your piece. I can play clarinet so realism is increased when I record and integrate some real clarinet into a piece. Another idea is to use multiple voices fo
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