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Rocket Knight Adventures (Gen) - Fallen Knight

Uberwulf X

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfcp96uffyfv4yv/Rocket Knight Boss.mp3?dl=0

I've wanted to do a RKA remix for a while, either of the boss, Pig Star or the auto-rocket area of stage 1. I'm gonna settle for starting on the boss for now; I'll see about the other themes. Volumes aren't leveled so watch your ears.

I started with the meat of the theme, and I'm working backwards to get a good intro in, as working Intro-forward wasn't working out for me. Electric guitars always give me trouble so if you've got some good crit on making them exciting, I'm all ears.

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Yeah, electric guitars are tricky.

With your ones, it seem like you've eq'd them in a way that makes them sound too muffled. One thing I noticed with trying to figure them out is that I needed to let them breath way more than I thought so that they retain their power. You may need to experiment with other amp sims as well perhaps.

Also, you should use samples for your drums that are a bit fuller. I like the rhythm that kicks in a little after the 1 minute mark but the samples let it down.


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