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    I'm a pretty chill guy who tries to get into more music than he can handle. I'm available to talk in the afternoon and evening, so feel free to shoot me a message if you need me; I'm always looking for projects to take part in.

    Don't let the nuked post count fool you, I've been around for quite a while, just getting back into the community though.
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  1. The Lullaby: I think the theme is a lack of fulfillment. The chords tend not to lead in common ways which is fine, but 1:18 happens and the lullaby doesn't lull me because I'm waiting for resolutions that I don't get. The harmony doesn't move with the melody, the strings and arpeggio tending to do its own thing until the two times it actually does resolve together. Eternal Abyss/Dream World: A very airy intro, and I felt the anticipation build into the lead-in for 3, so good one there. Then 3 happens and it's like "yeah, we're at the solid stuff now." The xylo instrument playing at 2:10..
  2. I was actually thinking about doing the same kind of thing, using a Mandachord-created song and fleshing it out in my DAW or something. Nice and chill.. you could probably use this as a base in the next Tenno Tunes contest
  3. Hello there, I'm looking for as many vocalists I can get, male or female, for a couple of songs. First is a hymn-like song. For this I request multiple voices, but I only need only one stanza, as follows: When Esteria calls // She, the angel, Falls Shattered Heaven waits for you to // Rise and control your fate Surrounded by broken dreams? // Lift your voice and sing: "Please watch over me, // Daraku Tenshi." https://www.dropbox.com/s/soeabiufk0zia03/[R]Evolution (Shattered) 2011.mp3?dl=0 Harmony for final stanza Second is a phrase, the vocal hook for a song.
  4. I'm interested as well! I'm able to do nearly any genre;if someone commissions a song in a genre I'm not familiar with, I'll research it and make one. Below are a few examples of my music. https://soundcloud.com/uberwulf-x/omnitek https://soundcloud.com/uberwulf-x/scion-battle-esterian-chronicle https://soundcloud.com/uberwulf-x/electric-fences Also scored a game that was canceled, so I renamed the album and released it as a standalone. https://uberwulfx.bandcamp.com/album/danmaku-gaiden-no-blazestar
  5. It feels like the rhythm in the cellos(?) that start the song has a triplet with a missing triplet-eigth, when two eighth notes might suffice and make the rhythm less disturbing, unless that's exactly what you were looking for, in which case good job. This feels like the kind of song that things should be added at each repetition of the melody from 0:22- to 0:51, which would make the switch in play style much more striking. An additional note to make a chord, a variation in the melody to completely switch the chord, something to show a progression that stops when things calm down. The swi
  6. It's definitely heavy in the bass frequencies, clipping in some parts. The Final Boss has a lot of muddiness whenever the timpani strikes. If you can see what frequencies the low square is strongest, I believe the solution would be to remove that frequency in the timpani via an EQ. Level 2 Facist Italy: try making the "-pah" of your oom-pah harmony a little shorter, to make it a little more bouncy. I want to give more encouragement than "the tracks are servicable" but being as most of these tunes are easily recognizable, there's not a lot I can comment on, on the originality front. W
  7. Thanks for the comments! Unfortunately as a concept album, I've got the gameplay and all in my head as I don't know how to make games... yet. I'm actually looking into systems so I can make a shmup or TRPG. I currently want the one person to have 2 or 3 people always active in the open field with him, but he could use a manikin or summon to switch between other warriors he recruited.The modern fantasy world is based on a text-based RPG world I played in, one that would mix in fighting game elements as well. Lore: The Leviathan Stadium hosts the Heaven or Hell tournament every year, and th
  8. Hey there, I'm making a concept album for a TRPG, Leviathan Stadium Tactics. This track is for one of the optional battles against a legendary fighter, so you can recruit them. The song's finished, and I'd really like some comments, crit, all the good stuff. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.
  9. No problem, glad to lend an ear. I can see what you mean with the end. When I say "fade," I mean let the ambience and reverb settle around the song. Like, once the last notes stop playing, give it one or two seconds while quickly fading out the whole thing, so all the settling reverb quickly settles into the silence you want. As it is, it sounds like it almost made it through the door but had the tip of its heel sliced. I'm going to stick to my opinion of the beat at 0:31, but if you're sure about it, consider me trolled. I'm going to retract my crit about the opening few second
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfcp96uffyfv4yv/Rocket Knight Boss.mp3?dl=0 I've wanted to do a RKA remix for a while, either of the boss, Pig Star or the auto-rocket area of stage 1. I'm gonna settle for starting on the boss for now; I'll see about the other themes. Volumes aren't leveled so watch your ears. I started with the meat of the theme, and I'm working backwards to get a good intro in, as working Intro-forward wasn't working out for me. Electric guitars always give me trouble so if you've got some good crit on making them exciting, I'm all ears.
  11. The first few seconds of intro, on first listen, sounded really... naked? But the moment the beat starts to switch and filter, I'm settled. 0:31- sounds like you accidentally had a channel active with the single drum play that isn't connected to anything else in that passage; I was expecting drums to start playing from filter, up to full strength. What you have at 0:53 is fine, but if 0:31 isn't a mistake, maybe something can be done with it? The only other thing I can think of is fading the ending a bit more; you start a fade then the song cuts off.
  12. Hey there, I decided to make a FFTactics track, sampling Apoplexy. As it is now I'm not going to try to redo it for submission, as I'd want to change a few things and not rap after being sick for two weeks, but it's done. Lyrics are below, and any feedback is welcome! I am the summoner, the caller of Lich The one you need to kneel to, the one to beseech With horn on my head and Blaze Gun in hand I'll call Ramah with the thunder, see how much you can stand Dig your grave on Balias Hill, lay your bones to rest Your party should've told you, I'm not the one to test Got th
  13. I've been working on this for a while. I submitted an atmospheric Death Egg song ages ago that was nowhere near OCR quality, this I realize. However, after being off the site for a while and finally coming back, I want to try my hand again, this time with symphonic rock. Source material: Death Egg Zone, Hidden Palace Zone https://soundcloud.com/uberwulf-x/rise-of-the-death-egg I was gonna start off with this as Finished because I've been working it with some feedback offsite, but I'm still getting feedback and would like y'all's so here it is as a WIP.
  14. i always get a sense of melancholy when i look at this picture. it's just that grand.
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