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  1. Update. Adjusted effects on synths so they're more noticeable again, but tried to keep them clean.
  2. Thanks for feedback. Update. Adjusted reverb and fader for piano so it's hopefully more realistic. I'm playing all parts by hand already with just slight adjustments to overly sloppy keys, so not sure how else to humanise. Adjusted parameters of the bagpipe sounding synth so it's less annoying and more atmospheric. Toned down bass synth a bit. Extended the song. Shifted the key in the new part to match the key of the original "Elysium in the Blue Sky". Will extend a bit more later.
  3. Update. Tweaked effects in general to clean things, but hopefully still be noticeable and do their job. Also tweaked EQ. Removed the side chain compression, that was triggered by the kick, from every instrument except the bass. Same link
  4. The main thing that sticks out that could be improved mix-wise are mostly to do with the drums I think. The hihats volume is too low compared to everything else and the snare could probably be changed to one thats a bit thicker for a song like this, but that could just be preference. Arrangement-wise, having the arpeggios going the whole time got a bit repetitive so maybe change it up by taking a break from it in the middle and do something more varied before it comes back again.
  5. Actually a mix of two songs from the game. Will extend it later. Originals: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ijOT_Q3yC45wIcYVFtxgQ0C3gdmQZvbU/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thanks for feedback. Helped a lot. Update: Adjusted eq to clean things up more in low end and remove harshness on hihats, sax and some of the synths. This helped the hihats stick out less. Introduced either chorus or delay effects to most sounds and a longer reverb that only the sax uses in addition to the reverb that almost everything already had, which is now shorter. Tried using softer kick that stars at 0:40 for the intro aswell but it didn't meld well with it, probably because the intro has a bit more energy to it so the softer kick felt out of place. However, I Adj
  7. Update. Cleaned up the mix and changed the synth bass. Same link.
  8. Take my feedback with a grain of salt as I'm not sure I've figured out the issue this I'm about to point out in my own stuff yet. Most of the istruments. especially in the lower end, could benfit from some EQ cuts to make the mix less muddy when they're playing together. Do an EQ sweep on every instrument to see if you figure out what frequencies are problematic and can be cut to free up space for other intruments. There could also be an issue with instruments playing in the same octave so make sure that's not happening for the most part.
  9. Take my feedback with a grain of salt as I'm not sure I've figured out how to solve the issue I'm about to point out myself. There seems to be overlap in the frequencies your intruments are playing right now. It's very noticeable stating at 0:22 when the synth(s) comes in. I'm not sure if its two layered synths or just one synth that has lower and higher octaves to it, but either way it's competing with the lower piano notes for space, making them nearly inaudible and making the song, as a whole, too muddy. Try to make sure most instruments are playing in their own octaves for the most pa
  10. The remix's time signature is different but kept key changes and rests that were in the original. Original: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11NuqaiEno8H98MOAMOyJamkI8Np9p_jg/view?usp=sharing
  11. Update. Many changes to eq, reverb and levels. Link in original post. Switched to review.
  12. Update. Adjusted compression on snare. Switching to review. Source usage in the mix: Far Horizons at 0:00-0:22, 1:08-1:49, 2:32-2:55, 3:16-4:05 Distant Horizons at 2:11-4:05
  13. Update. Removed one of the synths, changed the arrangement a bit around the middle and adjusted the mix. Same link
  14. Update. Reduced reverb, adjusted sequencing and used sidechaining plus pitch/volume adjustments to have the kick cut through more. Same link. Are there any issues with any of the sounds I'm using, the analougue effect on some of them and is the arrangement too simple or empty? Cheers
  15. Remix of two songs from the game. Aim was to keep the calm, at times, minimal nature of the originals, but in a dfferent genre. Originals: Remix: https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Near Sights.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
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