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  1. Update. Many changes to eq, reverb and levels. Link in original post. Switched to review.
  2. Update. Adjusted compression on snare. Switching to review. Source usage in the mix: Far Horizons at 0:00-0:22, 1:08-1:49, 2:32-2:55, 3:16-4:05 Distant Horizons at 2:11-4:05
  3. Update. Removed one of the synths, changed the arrangement a bit around the middle and adjusted the mix. Same link
  4. Update. Reduced reverb, adjusted sequencing and used sidechaining plus pitch/volume adjustments to have the kick cut through more. Same link. Are there any issues with any of the sounds I'm using, the analougue effect on some of them and is the arrangement too simple or empty? Cheers
  5. Remix of two songs from the game. Aim was to keep the calm, at times, minimal nature of the originals, but in a dfferent genre. Originals: Remix: Sights.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
  6. Super chill stuff but I agree with the critique that the acoustic piano in the middle was slightly jarring when it shows up but, for me, it's either because of the type of piano you used and/or maybe its an octave too low. A smooth sounding electric piano or softer type of acoustic may have fit a bit better. Great arrangement from start to finish though.
  7. My favourite version of this theme is the '99 one in Third Strike. I'm liking your take on it better than what I remember the Street fighter 5 version sounding like. The tone of guitar and sax is especially cool. Good luck.
  8. The reverb your using makes everything sound like they're a bit too much in the distance. Increasing the pre-delay on it should bring things more to the front while still keeping the sense of space. You may need tone down the reverb a little as well. Also, try and double track the rhythm guitar to see that helps them sound more substantial. Also, arrangement-wise, I'm struggling to pick out elements from the original, like the melody, in your remix for some reason. That may be because your changing things up so much or because I'm being dumb.
  9. I like the vibe of this and don't think it's too far from the original especially since it stays so true to it for the first half. The fact you mix it up in the second half is actually a positive imo, otherwise it would be too close to the original. Production-wise, the vinyl audio crackle effect works for me, but it could be turned downed a bit, especially when the flanger(?) effected instrument comes in at 1:30 and things get a bit cluttered.
  10. Thanks for review. I'll fill those slight gaps in the bass before i submit but will probably give it a go with the compression as it is since, as you said, that's the nature of the style I'm going for.
  11. Update. Reduced reverb, adjusted piano's eq, thickened up the snare and tweaked the sequencing for instruments in general.
  12. Th Yeah, like you said, when the piano starts playing the chords at 1:29 is where the problem was prominent to me. You've toned down the reverb in the last version so that's helped with muddiness. Yes you should definitely separate the melody from the chords imo, because the chords need to be treated more like a backing instrument. Right now they are drowning out the melody too much. For the whole EQ thing, there's a trick called EQ sweeping that helps when your trying to clean up a sound. Here's a page that explains in the context of FL studio better than I could: The key is to try and cut frequencies from the instrument without compromising the sound of the instrument, if that makes sense.
  13. Sidechaining is when the signal from one track is used as a trigger for an effect on another track. So for sidechain compression in trance they have the signal from the kick trigger compression on the bass. That gives the pumping effect that trance is known where the bass dips out of the way of the kick whenever it plays and helps it cut through the mix more instead of competing with bass. The new kick your using is better so it may not necessarily need compression but now the snare in the new version is barely audible now compared to everything else so you should bring it back up. Also, experiment with the EQ of the intruments in the mid frequencies, like the piano, as they are muddying up the mix.
  14. Using compression on the kick is something you should look into to make it punchier. Also, look into sidechain compression as that's something that's done in that genre a lot and helps with making the kick cut through the mix. Here's a video that shows how to use sidechains in FL studio (I don't use FL studio so don't know how helpful this actually is):
  15. Feels like the bass that comes in at 30 secs is panned a bit to the left. You should centre that instrument in particular as it throws of the balance of the mix if its not. The electric piano at 1:43 seems like it's a bit too loud for a backing instrument so its cluttering things up more than it needs to. The performance of the drums seems a bit too rough at around the 4 minute mark and there's things are about the sequencing in general that could be improved but I'm not great at that myself so can't be more specific. This is great for a first mix though imo.