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  1. The vocals in the original are done in a way that I felt I could get away with using a synthetic voice in the remix since it's not about trying to sound real. It's a stylistic choice that's somewhat similar to the original and hopefully the robotic, unnaturalness is OK because of the mostly monotone melody. Also feel no need to make it longer as the original is also short. I'm probably wrong on both points so any feedback is appreciated. Original: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KhL_yGGx7lIQ0Vm2QKaOE6Cz_tzK11lf/view?usp=share_link
  2. Was trying to brighten the mix in an incorrect way by removing too much mid frequencies, making things too tinny, so greatly toned down these adjustments. Then, to make the mix brighter in a more balanced way, I did transpositions and additions to arrangement in some parts and fader adjustments. Used slight distortion on the snare to brighten them in a balanced way Removed high/low cuts from synth effects and made them more wet but instead reducing delay time on the low mid synth to keep the mix clean overall while still having the effects be much more noticeable. Changed the way I played the e piano part in the middle as the staccato way was making it sound more mechanical than intended. Also some other changes.
  3. Thanks for feedback. Couldn't figure out another lead that fit as well for either the build or the chorus so they still share the same one but I've extended the song and changed the lead for new sections. The popping was sharp percussive sounds that were part of the abstract soundscape sound used at 0:29 so I used a low pass filter to muffle that aspect of it. Added a melody from "Sword Saint Isshin", another song from the game in a new section. Several adjustments to the mix.
  4. Update Tweaks to fader levels, reverb and EQ to clean up mix without going too far this time hopefully. Transposed 2 of the synths to different octaves in the initial parts of the song in a way that should better benefit the mix along with other changes to one of them. Also changed one of the other synths to legato as the attack was being problematic.
  5. Update. Added a higher to layer synth to lead and increased it's fader level to brighten up the mix. Added a low mid layer to bass and other tweaks to it to give it more overtones. Eq tweaks to clean up mud without making anything tinny. Tweaks to make drums brighter and punchier
  6. Update. Was removing too much mid and low frequencies from most sounds making them too tinny so toned down those adjustments. Changed the waveform of one of the synths to make it less annoying. Same link
  7. Will extend later. Any feedback appreciated. Original: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W0qwh7JO3q3prLm9CP3MAMVsrLVNTEcF/view?usp=sharing
  8. Update Was over highpassing most of the sounds so undid that while trying to still keep mix clean with other adjustments. Adjusted fader balance in general and reduced loudness of certain parts so limiter stays transparent.
  9. Update. Was doing some over high-passing that was hurting some of the synths so I've dragged those back but still tried to control the low mid frequencies. Went back to having synth effects be less noticeable but increased overall reverb for everything. Exported a WAV and then converted it to mp3 with Audacity as its encoder does a better job with these sounds at 192kbps than the Cubase encoder.
  10. Update. Extended song a final time and tweaked the mix in general. Link should actually be accessible this time.
  11. Got a Google Drive access request meaning the link hasn't been publicly accessible since I switched to using it for the last 2 updates. Should be fine now.
  12. Update. Adjusted the low pass filter on the synth effects to tame their airiness.
  13. Update. Adjusted effects on synths so they're more noticeable again, but tried to keep them clean.
  14. Thanks for feedback. Update. Adjusted reverb and fader for piano so it's hopefully more realistic. I'm playing all parts by hand already with just slight adjustments to overly sloppy keys, so not sure how else to humanise. Adjusted parameters of the bagpipe sounding synth so it's less annoying and more atmospheric. Toned down bass synth a bit. Extended the song. Shifted the key in the new part to match the key of the original "Elysium in the Blue Sky". Will extend a bit more later.
  15. Update. Tweaked effects in general to clean things, but hopefully still be noticeable and do their job. Also tweaked EQ. Removed the side chain compression, that was triggered by the kick, from every instrument except the bass. Same link
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