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I would like to request a remix of Felicia's Theme from Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior & the remix should be in the style of Duke Ellington-style jazz (jazz is the genre for this remix). Felicia the Catwoman is one of my favorite Capcom Fighting Characters (Others being Skullomania, Dhalsim, Amingo, Yun, Sodom, & Firebrand) and I want her theme song to be remixed by you guys at OC Remix.


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I don't think I can do "Duke Ellington-style jazz" but I think I'll give it a shot some time. I've got a very eccentric and somewhat mellow approach to electronic music (I'll provide an example). Do you know where I can find a midi for the piece (I can't find any at all and need a good starting point)? Felicia is a great character. 



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