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Welcome to ocr. This is a good place to learn. For starters, I recommend you put the name of the game in the title, certainly in the post somewhere. And use ready for review when you think your remix is ready to be submitted to the judges' panel, but want someone to check first.


I recognize stuff from source. As there is no source link (which you're supposed to provide when you mark a track ready), I won't comment further on that. No source link, no source comment.

The intro sounds okay. At 0:14 there's a terribly loud monosynth (with a terrible pitch bend at one point). It no longer sounds okay.

The organ provides a thick carpet underneathy the rest of the mix. You definitely want some of that to keep the sound from becoming too sparse. But it's a bit too thick. Consider EQ-ing away some of its lows or low mids, and being careful with how many notes you let it play at once. Using a multiband compressor on it is another way to keep it under control.

The organ and the drums don't seem to have much interplay. Not a big deal when the organ is just playing chords, but it's all the more important that they share a groove during the solo. There are several instances of parts not understanding where they are in the rhythm of the track, the worst at 3:08 where the whole isntrumentation seems two beats off from the drums.

At 2:36, another terribly loud synth plays, this one a poor fit for the overall sound. I can understand the monosynth sound from earlier, it fits a kind of retro band aesthetic, but this one simply doesn't work. Why not use something similar to the monosynth (at a more reasonable level) for this part?

The performance overall is very sloppy. As it was arranged and recorded in just 3 hours, I can understand where some of these problems come from. I recommend you spend more than 3 hours on a remix.

For a 3 hour project, I'm actually a bit impressed. But as for the eval, it's a no. This is just too sloppy. There are some interesting ideas in here, but you clearly need more than 3 hours to bring those out. Post more music, get more feedback, spend more time on your remixes. Welcome to ocr. :D

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