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This was one of those "pause and listen" tracks for me. The combination of the light-and-dark visuals and this dark, reverberating track caught me so off-guard in the best possible way.
My brain was in a very Castlevania place...and out came this wild idea to take a slow, piano-heavy piece and make it high energy with Baroque-ish elements (sort of? I don't know what I'm talking about :P)

Anyway, here's "Crescendo of Echoes". It's been through the editing process enough times to fry my brain. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!



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Hi there 2r1t, figured I'd hop in and try to give you some feedback - hopefully it's helpful for you - take it all with a grain of salt and all that jazz...

The sample quality could be more robust in my opinion and most of the lead instruments are too lout up to 1:19.  Are those soundfonts?  I'm thinking that 1:20 is where it gets better on almost all fronts - the dynamic flares are much better.  

The reverb on the piano is a cool touch.  

The strings and organs I think could use a sound upgrade.  

I like the re interpretive ideas, not sure if that'd jive with the big wigs at OCR, but there's always room for improvement if they have any feedbacks on that end.  

Overall, this is a very creative and interesting piece, it just needs to be executed a little better.  Trust me, I know the struggle man, getting the right samples and the E/Q is always a challenge to master, but you'll definitely get there with practice and dedication :D 

Hope that was helpful.  

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Thank you very much! Listening again I agree about the strings and organ - especially that organ, yikes...
I was having a lot of difficulty with the mix in that first part, but I'm glad you brought it up. I feel a bit more fired up to keep on tweaking!

I really appreciate all the feedback! Thanks again!

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