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  1. A tango spin on an upbeat, underrated track from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. I never finish ORAS, but I'm sad to learn that the Abandoned Ship was replaced with some decrepit research station. I so loved the romanticism and intrigue of a lost cruise ship. What I love so much about the Abandoned Ship location is that it's not creepy. It's more a monument to travel and the past than a ghost ship. The orchestral theme from the anime plays up the romanticism and feeling of luxury. I adore that theme, and I've listened to it far too many times! And then one day in the shower ("too much water"?) it hit me – this piece works perfectly as a tango, rhythmically and thematically. I got to work, and here is the result. Enjoy! Abandoned Passion by 2R1T Original:
  2. Thank you very much! Listening again I agree about the strings and organ - especially that organ, yikes... I was having a lot of difficulty with the mix in that first part, but I'm glad you brought it up. I feel a bit more fired up to keep on tweaking! I really appreciate all the feedback! Thanks again!
  3. This was one of those "pause and listen" tracks for me. The combination of the light-and-dark visuals and this dark, reverberating track caught me so off-guard in the best possible way. My brain was in a very Castlevania place...and out came this wild idea to take a slow, piano-heavy piece and make it high energy with Baroque-ish elements (sort of? I don't know what I'm talking about :P) Anyway, here's "Crescendo of Echoes". It's been through the editing process enough times to fry my brain. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!
  4. A long time in the making! I struggled to find a real direction for this piece. The glockenspiel introduction was easy enough - but after that, every time I started to make progress I would lose steam and struggle to find a musical and emotional direction. Eventually I persevered and found the voice and mood I wanted! In the end, I decided to write this as a two part piece along the lines of some of John Williams' pieces for Star Wars (e.g. Love Pledge / The Arena, The Hologram / Binary Sunset).
  5. Thank you so much for your input! This is actually my first time trying electronic music. I'm much more comfortable with orchestral work... That said, if you're willing could you explain what you mean by the subs and sub content? I think I understand highpassing and sidechaining haha. Thanks again! I really want to up my production skills, and this really helps!
  6. I (finally...) made a new mix based on the feedback you both gave me. I synced the instruments better and changed up the EQ on the drums to give them more punch. How does it sound now? I'd love to hear more opinions and advice! Heatstroke and Whirlwinds mix 2
  7. The Phoenix Wright series is a huge standout in terms of character design and writing. Pair that with clever and fun soundtracks and you get teenage 2r1t, DS in hands, not playing – just to listen to the music. Detective Gumshoe's theme always captivated me, so of course I had to work with it! Anyway, here's my orchestral re-imagining of the great Dick Gumshoe~ Confused Detective, Honorable Pal Detective Gumshoe ~ It's Detective Gumshoe (source)
  8. My first original composition. I learned so much from following through and completing this! Made entirely in GarageBand with free samples because I'm a cheap post-grad Mac user haha. Any comments and critiques are entirely welcome! Calculated Whispers by 2r1t
  9. Wow, so glad to see someone else loves The Jedi Steps! The mystery, the swelling emotion, the sense of conclusion - too good. Nice work recreating it!
  10. I've always loved Dragon Roost Island for its mix of playful spirit and more serious tone, and I think your piece here expands on that nicely. That said, while such variety in the instruments is fun and interesting, sometimes it's a bit jarring. Not necessarily an issue! I think that works especially well at the end when things get somber on the piano. Where it's most jumpy is when you introduce the shaky synth - it feels slightly out of place but also sticks in my memory. Also, without the fast strumming (triplets? I'm not the best with technical stuff) in the original, I think it can sound too predictable or steady. Your rhythm is so even and steady that I think you miss out on some of the fun. Just a little bit of looseness with the beat might liven up the whole track! Overall a fresh interpretation of one of my favorites! Great job.
  11. Ah, this has always been such a fun and energetic piece! I think you captured the bounciness and movement very well. You've done great work here! I feel like your lead instruments could use some extra oomph, though. They can feel underpowered at times, especially your horns when they carry the melody. However I'm still pretty new to all this, so that could just be me!
  12. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I always struggle to let instruments be quiet and unimposing. I get caught up thinking they're too quiet or boring, but really you're right. Gotta tone some things down! I love Venus Lighthouse...but there's so much more.
  13. Hello everyone, and nice to meet you all! This is my first real post on here after countless years listening to accepted submission on OCR. I've been obsessed with the Golden Sun soundtrack since I was a child. I find the whole thing full of wonder, magic, skillful world-building, and tremendous energy. In an ideal world, I would remix or orchestrate the entire soundtrack. But you know, bills to pay and whatnot. Anyway, here is my first true remix for Golden Sun's "Desert Heat" track. As I was working through it, I realized how difficult of a piece it is to change. The whole thing just keeps going on and on with few elements that are easy to repeat or separate. Loads of fun making it nonetheless. I consider this "acceptably completed" for now – it's not perfect, but I consider it more or less finished. Let me know what you think! I'm totally open to feedback/criticism. remix: Heatstroke and Whirlwinds source track: Desert Heat
  14. Hello! I've been coming to OCR for remixes for years and years now. In more recent times, I've gotten interested in doing my own composing and remixing. So I guess it's about time I joined the site officially! I hope to submit my own remixes someday, so we'll see how that goes.
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