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Is monetizing remixes on YouTube ok?

Ryan Jobson

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Hey guys,

I'm just curious if it's ok to monetize remixes of video game music on YouTube. I've done some research and even youtube / google's own policy pretty much says if the original work was made or composed by someone else, then no, you can't. It seems to be a bit of a grey area though. Take smooth mcgroove for example. He puts out great sounding material and they're definitely quality videos, but it's not even a remix. It's a straight cover / remake only he's just using his voice as the main instrument. On all of his videos there are ads.

I'm asking because I've only just monetized my tutorials on YouTube but I'm wondering what would happen if I were to monetize the few remixes I've done as well. In a worse case scenario what would happen? If someone flags one video would they end up sharing revenue, taking all the revenue and / or stopping it from receiving further revenue, or would it end up counting as a strike against the channel? I'm new to this whole monetizing thing but everyone seems to be doing it now.

I mean if OCR has monetized their videos of other artists work, it's no different than me monetizing my own remixes on my own channel right? I'm just scared to monetize without actually knowing :P

Anyway, thanks for any input guys I appreciate it.


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Normally what will happen is your video will be flagged for copyrighted content, and the copyright owner will monetise your video alongside you, meaning you share ad revenue with the copyright owner. This usually won't give your channel a copyright strike (YouTube will send you an email outlining what's going on - who submitted the copyright claim, how it affects your video, whether or not the claim will result in a copyright strike). My explanation is a little vague as all companies react differently, but most have agreements with YouTube for this sort of thing now. It's really just a matter of try-and-see, imo. Don't be afraid to monetise your stuff as it's a lot better for musicians now than it used to be. I hope this helps!

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