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    I make music and movies and nobody cares about it, yay.
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  1. Chernabogue

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Finished...But Who Is It For?

    Finished the main story yesterday. It's fun but disappointing on many aspects. Not gonna write a full story here, the whole Internet already did.
  2. Chernabogue

    Inspirational OC ReMixers. Ego food donations.

    Too many awesome people to tag. Y'all great <3
  3. Chernabogue

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    More or less like a few people above. Not trying to become pro but it's a fun hobby and I like to challenge myself sometimes.
  4. Chernabogue

    Castlevania in SSB Ultimate!!

    As expected, I got a hard one during the direct.
  5. I probably released my track a year ago lol No time for dead projects. RIP.
  6. Chernabogue

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    Shankar teased Grant in S2. Also, Hector from Curse of Darkness is confirmed and visible in the trailer.
  7. Chernabogue

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    Of course, I'm hyped as shit.
  8. Are you guys considering postings remixes from dead projects (i.e. projects that haven't been picked up or updated for months/years)? Or are you looking to revive those at some point?
  9. Chernabogue

    4. submitted Golden Sun 2 - Garoh (sad rock remix)

    Thank you for your feedback @Wiesty Much appreciated. Tried to polish this more floowing your tips: - Full Moon v2.mp3?dl=0
  10. Chernabogue

    Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    I also give my consent -- already did the last time. If the revenue can also finance album projects in the future, that'd be awesome as well.
  11. Guitars by @Furorezu and bass by @Furilas Thanks, guys! Feedback on the mixing will be very appreacited. Thanks. REMIX: - Full Moon.mp3?dl=0 SOURCE:
  12. Chernabogue

    Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    I wish I could sign up but I'm still on a forced music hiatus until I settle down, so I gotta pass.
  13. Chernabogue

    UFO like board game needs music artist

    You posted in the wrong subforum: Good luck!
  14. Once I get the final vocals from @Cole Train, we're good to go.
  15. Chernabogue

    Castlevania anime on Netflix

    Someone said it well: "It's flawed but entertaining" and despite a few jokes that weren't terrible, I'm happy with it. Looking forward to season 2.