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  1. Necrobumping this one. Dear staff, has anyone expressed interest in reviving this one? If not, would it be possible to have the accepted mixes posted? A bit frustrating to see my mix standing in the judge thread for almost 5 years lol (Same goes with other "dead" projects too.)
  2. I did this a few years ago. Hopefully you enjoy it!
  3. You can create a topic in the private subforum/club for feedback
  4. Why is this still in "Recruit"? It should be moved to "Projects"
  5. That's okay, thanks for checking out and letting me know. Good luck with the project!
  6. @Flexstyle Would this do it? I'm no electro/EDM pro, but I'd be curious to give it a shot. Let me know
  7. I released my two songs on YouTube a while ago, but if the projects revives, I might claim a new one.
  8. People making a thread about Power Metal and not posting some Helloween smh
  9. Finished the main story yesterday. It's fun but disappointing on many aspects. Not gonna write a full story here, the whole Internet already did.
  10. Too many awesome people to tag. Y'all great <3
  11. More or less like a few people above. Not trying to become pro but it's a fun hobby and I like to challenge myself sometimes.
  12. As expected, I got a hard one during the direct.
  13. I probably released my track a year ago lol No time for dead projects. RIP.
  14. Shankar teased Grant in S2. Also, Hector from Curse of Darkness is confirmed and visible in the trailer.
  15. Are you guys considering postings remixes from dead projects (i.e. projects that haven't been picked up or updated for months/years)? Or are you looking to revive those at some point?
  16. Thank you for your feedback @Wiesty Much appreciated. Tried to polish this more floowing your tips: - Full Moon v2.mp3?dl=0
  17. I also give my consent -- already did the last time. If the revenue can also finance album projects in the future, that'd be awesome as well.
  18. Guitars by @Furorezu and bass by @Furilas Thanks, guys! Feedback on the mixing will be very appreacited. Thanks. REMIX: - Full Moon.mp3?dl=0 SOURCE:
  19. I wish I could sign up but I'm still on a forced music hiatus until I settle down, so I gotta pass.
  20. You posted in the wrong subforum: Good luck!
  21. Once I get the final vocals from @Cole Train, we're good to go.
  22. Someone said it well: "It's flawed but entertaining" and despite a few jokes that weren't terrible, I'm happy with it. Looking forward to season 2.