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  1. Are you guys considering postings remixes from dead projects (i.e. projects that haven't been picked up or updated for months/years)? Or are you looking to revive those at some point?
  2. Guitars by @Furorezu and bass by @Furilas Thanks, guys! Feedback on the mixing will be very appreacited. Thanks. REMIX: - Full Moon.mp3?dl=0 SOURCE:
  3. Chernabogue

    4. submitted Golden Sun 2 - Garoh (sad rock remix)

    Thank you for your feedback @Wiesty Much appreciated. Tried to polish this more floowing your tips: - Full Moon v2.mp3?dl=0
  4. Chernabogue

    Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    I also give my consent -- already did the last time. If the revenue can also finance album projects in the future, that'd be awesome as well.
  5. Chernabogue

    Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    I wish I could sign up but I'm still on a forced music hiatus until I settle down, so I gotta pass.
  6. Chernabogue

    UFO like board game needs music artist

    You posted in the wrong subforum: Good luck!
  7. Once I get the final vocals from @Cole Train, we're good to go.
  8. Chernabogue

    Castlevania anime on Netflix

    Someone said it well: "It's flawed but entertaining" and despite a few jokes that weren't terrible, I'm happy with it. Looking forward to season 2.
  9. I'm finishing up a Golden Sun metal remix that needs vocals (in English). I'm looking for someone serious and would could give me a hand with polishing up the lyrics (since English isn't my main language -- not looking for just a lyrics corrector, sorry). I'm looking for clean vocals, either high or low pitched (no extreme vocals planned so far). PM me here or on Discord with a few examples if you have some.
  10. Chernabogue

    Castlevania anime on Netflix

    Dunno if it's Grant or Trevor. I truly hope they include him as well.
  11. Chernabogue

    Castlevania anime on Netflix

    Chernabogue is discussing it at the Castlevania Dungeon actually. Hyped for it, a bit disappointed by the anime style, but hey, it looks super promising.
  12. Interesting that remix got labeled as a Dracula X one when all three original tracks are from previous games. Nevertheless, it's a real nice arrangement and the sources are well mixed together. Solid production as well. Nice job, Gario!
  13. ^Still better than mine, which is literally just my PC.
  14. Chernabogue

    A Tribute to the SNES by the OC Jazz Collective

    Great! Good luck on this one!
  15. Chernabogue

    OCR03540 - Super Castlevania IV "Selva Oscura"

    Another nice pick from VV3!
  16. Chernabogue

    Is monetizing remixes on YouTube ok?

    You answered your own question with your post Yes, you can monetize them, but you can get YouTube to make you share some revenue (due to its algorithm).
  17. Chernabogue

    Who the HELL would want to stalk me!!??

    I sent him a message a few months ago, telling him that I wasn't interested and that he should stop messaging me. Never got bothered again.
  18. Chernabogue

    Who the HELL would want to stalk me!!??

    That guy.
  19. Chernabogue

    Who the HELL would want to stalk me!!??

    Haha, he asked around a lot. I once saw him asking a remixer on YouTube, the remixer did a (not bad) cover of the theme, and that guy answered "meh, i don't like it". What a lil' bitch.
  20. Chernabogue

    Who the HELL would want to stalk me!!??

    I think he asked every person on Vampire Variations for his fucking remix lol
  21. Chernabogue

    Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    MGSV:TPP -> the mission where Quiet and Boss must destroy multiple armored vehicles in the ruined palace made me stop playing the game for quite some time before picking it up again and finishing it after a few more hours of suffering.
  22. Chernabogue

    I think someone stole the BadAss logo?

    Even if there's an existing font, the way it's arranged is original and should be protected (by the original logo creator).
  23. Chernabogue

    Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    Oh yes, I tried to complete the post-game content once and stopped after a few hours. Super boring and not very rewarding.
  24. No news from @Cole Train for some time, so I'll wait a little longer and if I have no answer, I'll look for another rapper.
  25. A friend of mine is covering the Opera from FF6 and is looking for vocalists/singers (2 male, 1 female). PM me if interested. Thanks!