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Insane keyboardist wanted for a rock remix of SMW2's 'Big Bad Baby Bowser' next month!


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EDIT: The position has been filled, thanks to all that inquired!

Hi OCRemixers!

I am this guy and I'm looking for a really good keyboardist to be featured in an upcoming song of mine: Big Bad Baby Bowser from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (the final boss theme). I have a version of this I recorded back in 2011, but the sound quality and playing are pretty meh and I feel like I could do a much better job at it now, so I want to give it the remake it deserves. You can check out that version to get an idea of the skill level I'm looking for (basically, able to play the organ line from the Final Boss theme, and also the organ line from the Big Boss theme which I used in the middle of that remix, doesn't have to be note for note of course but relatively close!).

I really don't practice the keys very hard these days (the past few years actually, haha), so it's become a bit beyond my keyboard skill levels at this point. I figured this could be a great opportunity for someone else to collaborate with me and also get some exposure.

Also must be video-friendly! All of my songs go on Youtube with videos so it's a must. Also should have a good quality camera, doesn't have to be top-of-the-line or anything.. just not potato tier. xD

If you think you have what it takes and would like collaborate and be featured on my channel, please send me a PM along with some of your stuff that I can check out. Hope to hear from you soon!

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