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Any chance to see OCR/DoD albums in Spotify?

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Pretty much as the Title states. I got into Spotify like a few months ago and I noticed that there aren't that many soundtracks from video games on there list, OST's and remixes alike are pretty barren there. I know that there's a created playlist made by Tagifras in there but that's mostly because he's paying the subscription to upload his own tracks to make it available for everyone else to enjoy. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, will there be Official album releases for Spotify soon? The closest thing for multiple releases of remixed albums are from GameChops, but even then it doesn't feel like it's there entire library. A good example is going to the artists Page and finding out there page hasn't really been up to date or doesn't have there other albums they were apart of missing from there own page. is it a spotify problem? or do the artist's not have full control of what is available since these albums are a collaborative effort with multiple people?

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