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So, I wrote a song a while ago for a friend but I never really had the resources to make something AMAZING until now. This is not done yet. There will be changes, and tweaks, and additions, it will be longer. However, the story here is that my friend has been pretty much my best friend since the beginning of high school, and with graduation soon coming I thought to actually produce this song as a graduation present.

Dreams of Nostalgia

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Wow this is really nice! Sounds like something you'd hear in FEZ or EarthBound. Really cool kind of soundscape/ambient piece!

Honestly, I would have liked to hear more after the music really starts kicking in at 2:08. I think the song should just start at 0:29 and then keep going much further. The stuff from 0:00 to 0:29 is just ambient filler, doesn't really do any service to the song itself. The idea here is really nice! I'd love to hear a longer version!!

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