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My first battle theme (Final Fantasy related)

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Hey! :D

So this is the first battle song that i ever composed, and it has sort of a funny story behind it. It's on the video's description, but for those who doesn't feel like going for it, here it is:



So, this song was mainly a challenge made by a friend of mine, which basically said "choose a song from any video game, and make another one to substitute it". Sounds crazy, and in a way, it really is. I mean, i would only think of games i loved, which consequently would have songs i loved. And it was when i remembered of the song "Birth of a God", from Final Fantasy VII. I didn't liked it that much to be honest, but weirdly, i got into it after this challenge and found it to be very fitting on the subject it was made into. So this would be a more serious take on the song, as if the characters would be facing a greater danger (i mean c'mon, phase 2 is much more menacing XD).

To cut it short: this song is NOT from Final Fantasy VII, and was not made by Nobuo Uematsu. It was made by me as part of a challenge. Oh and it is also the very first battle song i did, so i hope you enjoy the song! :D


Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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First off, welcome to OCR. Nice to see another Brazilian here.

Not a big fan of FFVII, but I enjoyed this thoroughly. It is a really nice track with a constant dissonance that I love. The only thing I didn't like was how bland the strings sounded at 0:36. Not saying it's bad, but I'd consider putting an accent somewhere and/or putting a dissonant harmony to fit the overall mood of the composition and give the edge it seems fitting.

Nice going with whatever instrument takes the melody at 1min and 2min.

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