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Kingdom Hearts 2 - Asteroid Attack (Metal Version)


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Guitar parts are cool. Bass part could stand out more. Drums seem to be the same loop throughout the whole track, not much variation. And seem to be just an open hihat and a snare. There's probably a need to separate kick and bass from each other with EQ. More variation to the drums is needed.

The whole thing ends rather abruptly. The pause in the middle is an unusual arrangement decision, but I'm not bothered by it. Aside from the drums in it. But I already covered that.

I recall the source being a fairly short loop, so I'm not concerned about the short length. A couple of repetitions of it, with variation, is what the arrangement seems to be. A guess, because a source link was not provided. We provide the ears, you provide the comparison. I'm okay with that style of arrangement if it takes some interesting deviations from the source. Can't say about this one. No source link, no source comment.

The performance is nice, the solo is both fitting and cool. Can't comment about source usage, or much about arrangement. I suspect it'd fall into the category of faithful cover (with original solo) rather than an ocr-style arranged remix. Mixing needs work. Drums need writing.

Cool stuff. Clearly you have the guitar chops for this stuff. Just gotta get the other things in order.

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