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Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Battle


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What is that? 8, 9 different stylistic takes on the same exact source in less than 3 minutes? I'm not sure whether or to be impressed OR to be saddened that I can't write something that crazy. You know if I'm being honest for a second in the very first few seconds of the track I thought I was gonna have to say watch your highs as you'd basically already saturated them early on. However, I don't have to say that except do be a bit mindful of them. Some parts of the track are slightly piercing. With that being said I basically had a smile on my face listening to this. 1:20 is just simply awesome. Love the chants. Anyway, I guess the only way to tackle this is by each section. 

0:00 - 0:19 Starts off pretty simply enough. Big drums and bass with a lead and the twinkly little bells and then transitions to:

0:19 - 0:30 Actually a wonderful transition, but perhaps lacking that little bit of "explosion" you'd expect. Maybe a pad or strings to fill it out? Anyway, the track then decides to transition to:

0:30 - 0:40 The transition to this section was a bit abrupt and not nearly as smooth as your other two. But the xylophone is a nice touch and the Piano (whatever it is) is a almost too harmonically dense for its purpose. Cutting out just a smidgen there will kind of help it fit a bit better with the rest of that section I think. The track then decides that it has had enough of this and moves on:

0:40 - 0:53 The transition to this section was extremely lackluster I must say. But I do rather like the chiptuney vibe it has on offer. But like that one person you know who can never stay on topic the track changes the subject again:

0:53 - 1:20 While I love all things twinkly, watch the energy up there, mmmmk? But then because the track wants to surpr...CACOPHONY!!1!!1!!!! But really nice drum work in this bit honestly. Plus, I dig the bass. 

1:20 - 1:40 ooo ooo ooo ooo . . . yeah! Kind of echoing back to the beginning with the drums here. The kick has a pretty beefy sustain which sounds like it is interfering with the bass a bit, and then my gaming habits the track has decided that it has had enough of whatever it was doing and moves onto the next game:

1:40 - 2:02 The transition here was simply wonderfully executed and completely flips everything on its head. From super up beat to this nice slow beat thing. Also, love the bass here. The background synth lead is wonderful and the almost shakuhachi main instrument is kind of ghostly which I love. 

2:02 - 2:06 Clearly the best part of the track. Needs moar cowbell though. 

I dunno, if this'd make it past the judges or not. I mean if you think about it for a second this is basically the exact same source a bunch of times over with different stylistic takes on it. Clearly, quite a bit of thought has gone into it and such, but it seems as if there isn't enough source to really expand upon without it primarily becoming your own writing or that you couldn't stick to a single style and run with it. But ignoring that thought for a minute though. There is definitely something here, what I don't know yet (not sure I ever will honestly). I mean this is almost too silly to be taken seriously, but at the same time it so infused with "charm" that you can't help but to take it seriously. 

You got me man. 

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