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  1. I really don't like the tempo rule to be honest, and I'm probably not going to submit something for this one simply because of it. I've got an idea for a Trancey piece, and for the feel to be right I'm up around 128bpm which is a bit too far from the 110 in the original IMO I do have another idea, but really I'm not jiving with some of the melody parts. I don't mind the groove I've got going, but I do mind some of the melody parts. I dunno maybe I need to sit in front of some synths and get to hashing out some sounds. Edit - Plus I've been working on something original the past w
  2. @Dextastic Not clipping, but VCA CV feed through or you could also call it VCA clicking. Basically, to get the synth to behave the way I wanted to with that sound that click was just part of it unfortunately and it is basically impossible to remove after the fact lol.
  3. I think some of your questions are actually not at all related to mastering in the slightest. "1. Getting frequencies all "colored inside the lines" and not bleeding out or being too much, etc. " That is mixing 101. Sure, some issues can be fixed in the context of mastering, but really this is on the mix to settle. "2. Getting frequencies and song volumes all consistent within the same album release. " No issues with that. Just lots of listening. You could use a LUFS meter to help you in setting the overall level of each track if you don't have a lot of experience controlli
  4. Thanks man, and believe me I know what it can be like juggling multiple things at the same time. Truthfully, there really is no good way to go about other than to focus on one at a time. When you hit a wall on one then you focus on the other until you hit that wall. Keep repeating until eventually you're there (mostly-ish).
  5. Ya know sometimes it be what it be. At work I would say F&%*ing Magic, or draw a big circle with the letters FM inside lol. Really though, this is a very simple source (or at least the MIDI shows it that way). Consequently, that means what you're working with is also simple. You find a few basic building block sounds, aim for a general tone, then ????, and profit?
  6. Man, I really need to learn how to slow down...
  7. @The Vodoú QueenI approached it from a slightly different point of view than the others (at least I kind of think I did). Anyway, I did not have a problem with the length at all. What really irked me had nothing to do with the composition itself, but more in the way the track was presented. My compositional skills are at best, meh. However, I can gauge where you were trying to go from a perspective in terms of sound. Take that saxophone for instance. It is just BEGGING for a long reverb tail on it, with a gentle reduction in the highs of the instrument. But what you have instead is a sound tha
  8. My votes are in. Ya know, I was not expecting such an eclectic collection of tracks. It will be interesting to see how the voting turns out on this one.
  9. Look man, I have a different interpretation of what a Meat 'n Potatoes remix is from Hoboka (I like to think of it as more of throw your initial idea at the wall and see what sticks kind of thing). However, that does not stop me from entering these competitions. In fact about a year ago one of the MnP remixes I did actually made it to OCR*. At the end of the day the important things with these competitions is to have fun. I use this competition more as a production test bed in terms of how quickly I can get an idea down and get something of decent quality out. While it may not seem like it, ea
  10. Life has been pretty crazy lately (and will be again in a few months lol). Just happy I've been able to get back to do something. Good to see you're still around too!
  11. I wanted to get in sooner, but alas life conspired against me lol
  12. Nah, at some point when things are close in terms of writing and such you have to differentiate on things like production and mixing. Because all things being equal you have to differentiate the positions.
  13. Well I mostly got my software issues sorted out and even got my sub up already. I guess I haven't gotten any slower lol. Though I may revisit the mix again tonight or tomorrow. But the core idea for the track is there at least.
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