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  1. Well I mostly got my software issues sorted out and even got my sub up already. I guess I haven't gotten any slower lol. Though I may revisit the mix again tonight or tomorrow. But the core idea for the track is there at least.
  2. I've been hovering around. Just been busy hehe. Was hoping to get in on this, but I've got software issues right now that are making things more difficult than they ought to be lol.
  3. Well, that guy isn't "technically" wrong but there was a lot glossed over in that simplified explanation. So, now frequency response is just one specification of an amplifier that you should pay attention and really it is one of the most useless for actually telling you much about it. Beyond telling you what frequency ranges the amplifier will amplify it also implies the phase margin of the amplifier. Essentially, the amplifier has a more phase aligned output throughout the actual audible band in "theory".* As I said before you don't "technically" need additional line outputs to use a hea
  4. It would totally work! If you're finding your DT 880s too quiet or perhaps maybe lacking then a proper dedicated headphone amp will be the ticket. Likewise with your MDR-7506s and moving to the Roland. With that said, if you're happy with the headphone output on the UR22 and you need to drive monitors as well then you can. However, it requires that you have the ability to "split" the line output signal. This can be done with something like this, and if you're handy with a soldering iron you can make them yourself The reason this works is because in transferring audio the thing of concern is t
  5. Short concise answers first, and then I'll follow up with technical geeky mumbo jumbo. 1 - Technically, a line output from your audio interface should be able to drive many line inputs because they use Impedance Bridging, which relies on the core assumption that both the line output and line input are done properly. Though to do this does require have cables or a box that allows you to split the signal. However, if you have multiple outputs then it affords you more flexibility in how you can set things up. 2 - I don't see any reason why not. Just well made cables I suppose. You know
  6. @HoboKa Sorry to say, but you also got the wrong tune on YouTube. It should be
  7. @Dextastic You don't have use the gate as a full on gate either. Just use it to turn down the sustain part automagically
  8. I guess it would be the way that instruments are placed. You can have extremely short reverbs that'd do pretty much what I'm hearing. But you are right there isn't any reverb there. Some tips. The single largest issue you have going on that I can hear is that everything is fighting for the number one spot. That just doesn't happen. For one sound to have something it has to take away something from another. Choose one sound you want to be the focal point. Then make everything fit around that one sound, for example the strings. Now, the strings aren't going to be your instrument here. So,
  9. You're more patient an individual than myself lol.
  10. Got my entry up. The one thing I've always admired about the Metroid Prime OST is its ability to be both beautiful and scary at the same time.
  11. I rather like Wave Alchemy's stuff. They have some free stuff, and they have a free EDM oriented kick drum pack, Club Kicks. Give a look to their free samples as well. Some pretty solid stuff there including some quite nice 707 samples (quite an awesome kick honestly), some samples of a Vermona DRM (slightly biased as I have one of these myself, but excellent samples), and MS-20 Mini (these are some pretty darn solid and tight samples).
  12. Frankly, it is kind of a crapshoot. It isn't like in mixing where you can make a very good mix just using the bundled with the DAW. However, with synths or samples you've unfortunately gotta spend $$$. It kind of sucks to say it, but it is the truth. I mean I don't do orchestral music because I find the libraries 1 - Too Big 2 - Too Expensive and 3 - Too complicated. And this is coming from a guy who loves modular synths with more knobs than you can throw a stick at. But that doesn't mean everyone should be all synths all the time. I enjoy listening to well crafted orchestral takes on songs, a
  13. If you want something overkill for 99% of the situations you'll encounter then yeah Ozone would be a great choice. However, if you want stuff that'll be more useful then @shadowpsyc brings up an excellent point. Monitoring. You can't really know if you're doing good or harm without something telling you honestly that you are doing good or harm to the sound. So, I +1 that comment. With that being said, I do also understand the want or desire for extra VSTs or such for mixing or effects. I personally really dislike PEQ2 because is in HQ mode it has unreported latency that can cause problem
  14. I was not directing it at you per se, you just happened to say it Written language is a bit fickle and forums are sometimes kind of hard to clearly state what you want to say without sounding like a twat sometimes.
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