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1. work-in-progress Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - Bubbles Shining Over the Sea Hip Hop ReMix

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This is really good so far! I love the atmosphere when the bass and drum comes in at 0:21-0:22. It really evokes sea/ocean imagery. I've love to hear where you take this next! Maybe you could pass the melody from the bells to a lower pitched instrument and have the bells come in to emphasize certain parts?

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Yeah, with that pad that's in there, I tried to make it as open and airy as possible as if it'd be the wind from the ocean or something. Given this is a relatively short source, I'll probably do some sound design changes and more ambient stuff further along. I did some more editing on it but nothing overly substantial yet, so I'll update it when I get more of it done. I had an idea of, because there's so many different parts, doing some call and response thing between the different bell stuff and what not.

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