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Hey all. I recently finished my metal arrangement of Vampire Killer from the original Castlevania game.

Featuring live bats...(maybe fake ones).



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Very cool cover! I love the part that enters at 2:02, nice change.

But I have a issue with something on the mix. Is the low frequencies of the kick (and maybe some bass), in my opinion there's a bit too much. I don't know if in this style it's a common thing to leave like this, but in my opinion this track needs less low frequencies.

In 0:48 I think there's an harmony issue, check it out, maybe it's just intentional, but one note sounds a little bit like crashing with the rest of the harmony.

About the whip sound effect sound design on 2:09. I think it's a nice idea for a videoclip,  but I was listening to your song while not looking at the video and it sound a little weird, I didn't detect at first it was a whip sound effect (when I saw the video I did understand), I though while I was listening that something fell off. Take that in consideration if you are submitting the cover on ocremix!


Have a nice day,




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I agree with Albert that it sounds a little low frequency-heavy throughout the whole song. Either reducing the low frequencies a bit or boosting the high frequencies would balance things out. It's a great cover overall, though. Metal and Castlevania music goes quite well together.

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