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Hey, Schematist! Have been listening to your stuff for a few years now. This piece definitely has the 'Schematist' sound, something that I have come to recognize more and more as I listen to every release. Keep it up ^.^. The guitar samples are very nice and at some points sound realistic, especially those rhythm guitars. I do enjoy the symphony/brass/rock band arrangement each section does work with each other as well as complements each other ~ not to mention a clean mix where every instrument is robust yet clear. The title "Calm Divide" matches the piece very well as I do get a sense of calmness from the strings/synth sections as well as a tad bit of angst from the guitars/drums/brass all at a medium paced tempo (not too fast yet not too slow). This battle song is very interesting I can see this being outside of a castle - during times of peace, fighting random monsters and what not. It's not too serious but not too light. Maybe a possible mini boss battle?

Anyways, looking forward to hearing more ^.^ 

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