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  1. Even though I haven't made them in a while, RPG battle themes are my absolute favorite. This one was inspired by the works of Yuzo Koshiro in Etrian Odyssey. https://soundcloud.com/schematist/calm-divide-rpgjrpg-battle-theme
  2. Hey! Schematist here! Introducing my team's newest Title FictionSphere! I'm working on some new tracks for the game, which is featured in the video. Any support to the kickstarter, which launched yesterday would be greatly appreciated and while your at help us spread the word! Thank you for your time! KickStarter Video: Fallen City(The track used in the game):
  3. This is going to be my second option if I can't get the advice mentioned above to work. Thanks so much MindWanderer!
  4. I had this issue for sometime, but I never really found a full-proof method to do this consistently. Normally I would use FL Studio and export the file as an OGG file while setting the looping mode to wrap remainder. In some cases the loop works fine and other times there would be clicking sound in the very beginning of the track. Does anyone have any idea on how to approach this? Thanks in advance!
  5. This sounds like it could be in a megaman RPG and this is not a bad thing! Especially that last incredibly funky section. The only thing that threw me off was the bassy synth that hit around 21 seconds. I think if that was lowered just a tad it would be a little less startling. This is just me nitpicking here, brilliant work.
  6. Inspired by Yuzo Koshiro and Nobuo Uematsu, I crafted this random battle concept for an upcoming Adventure/RPG game Oraia Rift. Please let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/schematist/battle-4-concept
  7. Mine came from my love for fighting games. I usually end up using low tier characters which causes me to create the most insane strategies for beating the top tier cast of characters. Winning against a top level player always took a lot of planning/scheming... so voila schematist was born. I never looked back since.
  8. Here is a game I am currently helping out with. The kickstarter just started, but a lot of passion was put into this project so far. If cute mayhem is your thing, why not check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ratalaikagames/guardians-of-the-forest
  9. My 20th Anniversary PS4 came in the mail recently! At first I had plans of flipping it on EBay, but now I am not too sure. I currently have the glacier white PS4 set up so I honestly don't see the point in unwrapping the 20th anniversary. This is really a shining example of a first world problem... What would you guys do? Sell or keep?
  10. This is such a strong start in my opinion. The first half of the song was on point for my ears. I may not be able to give greatest critique, so I won't take that route. I see you are about to collab, so I will just wait patiently until you release an updated version. Great work so far!
  11. Lol! You and me both! Misery loves company
  12. I usually equate this to finishing a great series on Netlix. After it's done, you feel like you have nothing more to live for (dramatization), but then you find another awesome series when you least expect it .
  13. After many hours of tweaking and nit-picking, I think I am ready to call this finished. I might make a few edits here and there, but this will most likely be the end result. Thanks for all the feedback! https://soundcloud.com/schematist/sonic-1-special-stage-remix
  14. I did raise the high-end on the synth just a little bit . I think your advice on the bass was golden. Now to go in and look at that piano section at 2:00 and the bass section at 1:10. I should also think of a title when that is finished as well >_<. Thanks a million!
  15. You guys are awesome, thanks for the breakdown! I think I am getting closer to completion, but I think it would be wise if I uploaded some of the changes to see if they hold up nicely. Thanks again! https://soundcloud.com/schematist/sonic-1-special-stage-remix
  16. I didn't do too bad in 2014, but for 2015 I am looking to... 1. Link up with some more awesome Indie Teams. 2. Make more of an attempt to be more outgoing. (Level 99 introvert) 3. Assassinate my first grad school classes. 4. Spread more love and positivity through kind actions.
  17. I think this is marvelous feedback! Thanks so much, and I don't think you were repeating yourself at all. I will go back in and try to perform further surgery. Cheers!
  18. Wait you never knew!? Yea I was born and raised in the Bronx. I hate and love it lol.

  19. Hello music enthusiasts, I am in need of some feedback for a current project. I aimed for a jazzy/funky remix to the Special Stage in Sonic 1. Looking forward to any future advice! Source: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/schematist/sonic-1-special-stage-remix
  20. Hmm, I think I can see where you guys are coming from after listening to it again. I was afraid of using the melody that was used in game, so I made a melody that might have fit the sonic feeling, but was out of place to be flying battery. I'll hold on to that FLP file in case I return to it, but I'll try to put this advice into effect for the next project. Thanks!
  21. I am so glad they recently released the HD collection of part 1 and part 2 so I could get familiar with the storyline. Now that I am about midway through part 2, I am really excited to see what they pull off with part 3. I hope the world are a little bit more vast in part 3 though. I noticed there is a lot of backtracking in part 1 and 2 and the worlds are amazingly small.
  22. Thanks for the analysis Fb=MC2! I'll try to work on implementing more originality to my future melodies.
  23. I see your point. Compared to the other fighters that basically live by the 1 touch of death rule, SFIV wasn't that bad. I just started to slowly back away after the appearance of these disgusting unblockable set ups. Not only that, but the game was severely unbalanced. I am not one to put all of my faith in the tier list, but this was one of the few fighting games where the same characters were consistently winning majors.
  24. Judging from the video Arrow provided, it looks like it will be just like SF2 and SF Third Strike days. If Capcom returns SF to the days where players had to out think each other then they can take all of my money. Even though I put a lot of my life into SFIV, the game rewarded vortex characters far too much. I hope they keep this pace for the game. There is nothing wrong with a 3-4 hit combo system imo.
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