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Hi! This is my first remix! I picked Volley Fire because I thought no one else would have made one (I was wrong) and I would therefore be free from judgement of my ability (hopefully not wrong)

First I have to apologize for a couple things.

1. I'm using Finale, which is for writing music, not producing it. Therefore the instruments sound bad, particularly the guitar.

2. Finale is being a trash fire to me so I can't properly export it so the quality of sound is really bad.

3. It probably could have used a 3rd solo before the big ending, so it might feel like a rushed ending.


With all that aside, hope you enjoy this. 



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Can't you export the MIDI and use it in another software?

Either way, keep in mind you can still write cool music with what you got. Kinda like Dr. Fruitcake. It's how you pay attention to production techniques such as vibrato, pitch bends and extra channels for echo/delay that can make a difference. That and a general understanding of instrument behavior. I think the main problem here is that everything sounds a bit muffled.

I am a little confused with the specific track you choose. Is it really the title music? Sounds like you had very little material to work with.

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