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  1. Just learned how to use reaper. I'll fix this up some day. I did the title music and level 1. The title theme is very short.
  2. I forgot to mention in pc, so to me personally (though very helpful to any other newbie), GarageBand and logic are irrelevant. Turns out I can export Midi from finale, so that's my work style right now. I'm not super familiar with things like compression, gain, or even reverb, and my renders sometimes have mistakes and I have to do then over and over again. I'm making due fairly well with free VSTs. Not super satisfied with electric guitar, if anyone has any recommendations for free ones.
  3. yes, I am opening what seems to be a standalone sforzando x64 https://www.plogue.com/downloads#sforzando thank you thank you thank so much everyone. I think with this I can FINALLY start trying to produce music through Reaper. I don't know if there's an easy way of transferring my compositions from Finale to Reaper, or if I have to redo everything from scratch, but at least I can RUN STUFF
  4. Hi! This is my first remix! I picked Volley Fire because I thought no one else would have made one (I was wrong) and I would therefore be free from judgement of my ability (hopefully not wrong) First I have to apologize for a couple things. 1. I'm using Finale, which is for writing music, not producing it. Therefore the instruments sound bad, particularly the guitar. 2. Finale is being a trash fire to me so I can't properly export it so the quality of sound is really bad. 3. It probably could have used a 3rd solo before the big ending, so it might feel like a rushed ending. With all that aside, hope you enjoy this.
  5. My friend told me to download sforzando, but when I drop sf2 files into it it sounds like garbled trash. I also cannot for the life of me, figure out how to access the instruments via reaper after dropping them into sforzando -_-;;;
  6. I've semi put it on hold because I'm actually writing music for a tiny game in development, but I think I will try and finish it up soon and I'll tag you or something, dunno how it works
  7. Right now I'm looking into Reaper on a friend's recommendation, very largely based on its affordability
  8. Ah unfortunate. Seems I got a ways to go if I want to go deep into this. Gotta look into learning a new way of writing music. Is Audacity a good free place to start at least? The capabilities of notation must be extremely limited if Finale can be considered "robust" xD (I hate finale so much) Thanks, this has been very informative.
  9. Huh, thank you. As much as I enjoy orchestral arranging and composing, I find myself writing with a lot of rock instruments, to which of course, the guitar sounds like ass. Is there a way to both have a true DAW and be able to write it out with traditional notation, regardless of what sounds I'm trying to produce?
  10. Hey folks, Searched for a topic about this but maybe search is broken cuz literally no hits showed up. What's your DAW of choice? I'm running Finale 2010 and it sucks (for many reasons) and I hate it. The audio is garbage, which isn't crazy to imagine since its software more for writing sheet music more than for producing sound. What's good? What is good for a person such as I, accustomed to writing music through sheet music? Should Is stick with Finale and mess around with improving audio with Soundfonts? Much thanks. If a thread about this already exists, please definitely send me to it.
  11. Ha, I decided my first contribution to OC Remix would be Volley Fire since when I typed it in the search nothing came up so I figured I'd be free from any comparison. Yours is really neat with your choice of style! Fortunately mine will be very different style. Glad someone else out there has played this little known game.
  12. Hi all. Super new. First post ever on OCR Also sorry for SUPER JANK recording style. Finale screwed up real bad when I tried to import soundfont so all my VST instruments sound like a single instrument. This also happens when I try to import it, so I had to phone record the inferior MIDI sound. Anyways, the game is a versus puzzle game, sorta like Tetris attack or Gem Fighters or something. I'm writing the music for the game, which is super duper not close to being done, but I'm getting through character themes and eventually going to do a menu track as well. Lemme know your thoughts, and I suppose as I put them out, I'll upload other character tracks here too.
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