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Super Mario Kart - Rainbow Road (Genesis Cover)


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I love this. In my opinion it gives a fresh breath to the original, but keeping this vibe of SNES sound. Also, I think it's more easy to dance to.



- The drums in 0:57 are sick



- Very correct YMO.

- I have curiosity, can you name some of the sounds you use? which library or synth are they from? because I like a lot the sounds you have picked



- It's coherent, and sticks to the original. I don't have a problem with that


Keep up the amazing work! :)

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Thanks for your comments ; )

Even when I stick to the originals, I always try to make them easier to listen to in a songwriting perspective when I feel there's potential for that.

I used VOPM with synths and drums from a Genesis game called Star Cruiser and FL Studio's 3xOsc to simulate the square wave PSG channels on that system.

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