1. work-in-progress Secret of Mana - Into the Thick of It (ethereal jazz)

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Ahh, Secret of Mana, the game that made me want to become a musician at the tender age of seven... it was my introduction to prog-rock.

This one's not done, but is far enough along that I felt comfortable sharing. I was going for some mildly-psychedelic jazz-rock, to set the mood for chasing rabites after dark (and maybe a few cocktails). I haven't made an intro or outro, and the middle part is kind of lacking at the moment. Also, the mix was done on some low-end headphones while my nicer ones sit atop the ever-growing fix-it pile. I'm sure my complete lack of jazz background is apparent with that horn arrangement, but I'm learning as I go.

I need a break from this one for a couple days, but I hope to finish it up and mix it by this time next week. In the meantime, please enjoy, and don't hesitate to leave some constructive criticism (or just be brutal if that's your thing, it's all appreciated). Thanks!

Follow the white rabite :)

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The groove is excellent. Maybe it's my lack of jazz background, but I don't hear anything wrong with the brass writing. Having slow attacks is more an issue with samples than with writing, though the solution is in part in adjusting the writing, moving the notes a little. The rest of the solution is in having samples with faster attack, or messing with the samples until you do.

Some mixing things could use some work, the melody when it first comes in is a bit too loud against the more mellow groove. It could be your headphones. It could be mine. I'm not on my music-making headphones.

I like this.

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