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Commander Blood - "Venusia Market"

Deej Valen

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Been looking for this for a VERY long time... (more than 5 years, if even that) To no avail however have I located anything more than the name of the composer. Stepahne Picq is his name, and you may remember him from Dune.

I have the original CD still, but without running a DOS emulator am I able to play it, and the audio is in a special format. I'm unable to play it and would like to get either a chipset or something so I can listen to this song again.

(For those who are cutting to the chase and need a reminder, the song is played during any visit to the Venusia Market in game. Most likely that is the name of the song.)

Any leads or information on how to get this song out so I can listen to it whenever (No Mp3's please, I can convert it myself if I need to upload to my player) I'd wish to. This is so that I can work on a remix for use in a possible film or commercial that I will be assembling sometime next year. I wish to hand make everything from the music to the animation itself for this, for more style and pop.

That is all. If you are able to assist, I will be *very* thankful.

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