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Can't remember the name of this game

Soul Splint

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Can someone help me remember the name of this game? I've spent nearly an hour doing keyword searches and cannot for the life of me figure out what it was called.

It's a fairly recent game where you have like 10 minutes or less to explore (in first-person) an abandoned civilization on a fairly desert-like world. There are hints of ruined buildings all around, and the game has a mostly brown hue/coloring. Each playthrough, you basically have a limited amount of time to explore as far as you want in any direction, and at the end of that set time, there is a very unexpected and surprising meteor strike that makes the whole screen flash.

I remember the music being very beautiful, and it gets very loud as the meteor hits. Overall, the game really has an emotional feel, because the strike is so unexpected. I remember watching several people on YouTube do blind plays and capturing their reactions.

I CANNOT for the life of me remember the name of the game. Would really appreciate any help!

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