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Sonic Adventure 2 - Metal Harbor


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Sonic Adventure 2- "That's The Way I Like It" Metal Harbor

This track is on the official soundtrack CD. It's a fun Sonic song and would probably sound great remixed. The original tune had elements of ska, and I think it would be great to strengthen them in the remix.

With all of the Sonic remixes going around, I think that it would be worthwhile to take a look at one of the more unpopular games in the series. It is one of my favorite tracks in video game history, and it would just blow my mind to hear it with a fresh perspective!

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the music is preety high quality... but that still dosn't mean it couldn't be remixed.

it could be redone in a different genre. or kept in the same genre, but just redone in a few ways to make it different, yet still enjoyable.

I personaly, didn't care much for this particular track. I personaly liked the Knuckles/Rouge stages music the most out of all of them. but Metal Harbour is still a good tune, and I think it should be considered for a remix.

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