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My first album: Dorian's Enigma


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So I recently finished my first conceptual album. I would love some authentic feedback as I have worked extremely hard on this ^.^

The story is about a ten year old girl who, through a dream, confronts the past trauma she experienced of the murder of her parents at the hands of a serial killer clown named Toodles.

Thank you!

You can listen to it here: 

and you can download it here:


Feel free to leave feedback as this is my first of many projects (I don't expect it to be considered a masterpiece but a stepping stone in the making of my music writing career). Thanks to all who take the time to check it out.

The album art was done by deviantartist:

feel free to give him some love.

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The Lullaby: I think the theme is a lack of fulfillment. The chords tend not to lead in common ways which is fine, but 1:18 happens and the lullaby doesn't lull me because I'm waiting for resolutions that I don't get. The harmony doesn't move with the melody, the strings and arpeggio tending to do its own thing until the two times it actually does resolve together.

Eternal Abyss/Dream World: A very airy intro, and I felt the anticipation build into the lead-in for 3, so good one there. Then 3 happens and it's like "yeah, we're at the solid stuff now." The xylo instrument playing at 2:10... I'm not fond of that chord at all.

Old Pal Tudles: I was preparing a comment about how much bass was lacking in the tracks, then this one has some, so there ya go. Also uh you spelled Toodles wrong.

Ponies and Donuts) Synth pads in the beginning a little overpowering, I actually want to hear that plucked instrument more not by making it louder, but by backing those synths off. Otherwise, a good way to follow 4.

Alley) I like the running at the end, a reminder that this is a story.

Crime Scene) Def get that Miami Vice feel, and I'm digging the sirens. I think the energetic final third-- not bad alone, but considering the somber music before it, it surprised me. Maybe this is a victim fighting for their life?

Toodles' Lair) Slowing down the barking... I'm digging it, nice atmosphere.

Theme of Toodles) A solid cut-to-the-point theme. It's definitely interesting that this is one of the most clear songs, while everything before it has been filled with reverb to the point that parts get lost in the mix. Not sure if intentional, or just a product of the song style, but it's there so roll with it-- it pushes the idea that Toodles is the most real thing in her dream.

Toodles Attacks) It feels a lot like thematic boss music, which--

Atonement) No, ok, this is the thematic boss music.


Overall, I like it. You've definitely told a story through the music, and with two passes, I was confident that the music fit the title well enough that the point wasn't missed. However, there is a lot of reverb in the entire album and while I get that it's because this is a dream, it's a little overbearing. The melodic guitar work is good, and I'd want that to have a lot less reverb and cut through the mix. So aside from a different focus on the master and some questionable chords and progressions, I think ya did good.

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@Uberwulf X

Sorry to get back to after so many months, but apparently, I didn't hit the notification button (goes to show how often I log onto my OC account as well).

Thanks for the feedback... as this was my first attempt at any form of an album period (of course I go with a concept album). I can say that I'm disappointed with Dorian's Enigma, but in a good way. I learned a lot and have been improving my skills since.

I'm glad you enjoyed it because I sure as hell didn't!

This album was mixed on really shitty monitors so I apologize for a not very good mix overall. 

'Tudles' was intentionally misspelled as it's supposed to differentiate between Dorian's pet Dog Tudles and Toodles the clown. Basically, The Dog 'Tudles' transforms into the murderous clown 'Toodles' (the one who got her parents) at the end of the dream, hence why you hear the barking reappear and lower in pitch in enter Toodles lair. I know, it's subtle and a bit non-descriptive, but that was my intention. My overall objective was to tell an effective story through music without any words. A lot of it was up for interpretation and I'm glad people are getting a coherent story (which was my main prerogative before the pretentious crap). 

I appreciate the feed back!



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