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Ultimate Train Suplex! (The Decisive Battle-Final Fantasy VI)

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It was inevitable for this day to come - a FF6 track named after the suplexing of a train.

This certainly has a few good things going for it - the sequencing is pretty good, and that arrangement really does a good job playing with your expectations. A good example of how to handle precise repetition occurs at 1:11 - 1:30 (a copy/pasta of 0:02 - 0:21): moves just like an earlier section, but then it swerves hard against one's expectations. I preach that there ARE some good uses for copy/pasta, and you present a good example here of doing it right.

The production on this unfortunately buries the good; the master track sounds like there's a heavy compressor and heavy low pass on it. There's virtually no highs that come through on this, and pumping from overcompression sound like it's happening in quite a few places. On top of that, the overall mastering ends up sounding pretty quiet, to boot. The performances, sequencing and even mixing sound acceptable, but it's all hidden underneath some poor production at the end of the day.

I like what you did with the track, since it's something that plays with expectations. The heavy of production issues, though... take off anything on your master track, and redo the lowpasses and compressors that are in this so that the track doesn't sound like it's playing underwater. The fixes aren't trivial, but I think there's something passable under all that (since you DID submit this, and all). Good luck!

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