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OBSCURE: Xenon: Mugen no Shitai (PC-98) - Ranphar I


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Absolutely incredible imaginative as all get-out track that could have all sorts of interpretations.

I think it has unique additions in its second half, to add insult to injury when it comes to continually bringing the hurt (of infinite musical inspiration!).

Maybe as some sort of prog rock thing (just to get the creative juices/inspirations floating, in any common-folk reading this), but could be literally anything!

I haven't posted here in years, almost to the point of absurdity that I would ever have any newfound purpose for doing so. But this has awakened my soul back here.

... CALLING C-JEFF!? ...One can dream.

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Yoooooo! Ryu Umemoto is one of my favorite composers, love to see his work get mentioned here! I wasn't familiar with this Xenon track (I'm mostly familiar with the main theme, which is just so cool), thanks for bringing it to my attention! Are you a musician, by chance?

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