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  1. Thank you. Good to know! Hopefully I provided at least half a percent of influence of ideas or anything. Yeah unluckily there was much mentality pre-2010 or so, for me anyway (even me?), of not wanting to use up so much space exporting one's projects to lossless, in addition to the sometimes naturally blind belief that it can be done later.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32ZUO60kxlg&t=46m15s The battle theme after sounds somewhat related, too, if the castle theme is too short. (Heck there's even a part of Lufia 2 Battle 3 that sounds like it.) Definitely would require some considerations for entirely new sections or partial reconstruction in the most ideal scenario as a sort of debut to OCR.
  3. Whoa what, no reviews? Having never played Dark Souls (did play Bloodborne), this is my favorite RoeTaKa in recent memory. Very elaborate, intense, meaningful.
  4. Whoa I was graced with the MP3 version! http://www.escaprism.org/songs/Game Songs & Remixes Megamix - JoBeLiSuReBe.mp3 So old!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I wonder how I had the time to be so damn creative regarding very small pockets of these older mix works of mine. https://pastebin.com/cYa0XFnU/ Found the tracklist, too.
  5. Sorry for the re-post from the Newbies forum, but I figure it'd get more attention here (not that it demands it... except imo :p slightly). Been brought up multiple times, but hopefully the following is concise. --- I haven't consistently visited or downloaded 99.5% of OCRs ever since around 2008. But I just decided to start listening from 3000-current. (And 1500-3000 after that, and hell might as well go through 1-1000 for nostalgia.) And, after liking what I've heard so far, and occasionally being unable to find lossless versions online, I've been thinking of some ideas to incorpor
  6. This is the loudest digital file to ever grace the Internet from a respected veteran. Oddly addicting.
  7. I haven't consistently visited or downloaded 99.5% of OCRs ever since around 2008. I just decided to start listening from 3000-current (and 1500-3000 after that, and hell might as well go through 1-1000 for nostalgia). After highly liking some I've heard so far, and occasionally being unable to find lossless versions online, I've been thinking of some ideas to incorporate FLAC into published OCRs. Idea #1: a) Always ask for lossless from submissions by asking them to be sent through a reliable data service. (It is now time for a snooty and technically impractical [or prac
  8. Absolutely incredible imaginative as all get-out track that could have all sorts of interpretations. I think it has unique additions in its second half, to add insult to injury when it comes to continually bringing the hurt (of infinite musical inspiration!). Maybe as some sort of prog rock thing (just to get the creative juices/inspirations floating, in any common-folk reading this), but could be literally anything! I haven't posted here in years, almost to the point of absurdity that I would ever have any newfound purpose for doing so. But this has awakened my soul back here.
  9. Holy thread revival batman!!!! Does anyone still have this??? LOL I lost it.
  10. I've decided to do all I can, to figure out how to get some leads on my ruminations in my post above. Here is my mission statement pasted from #thasauce on EsperNet (since that's where they say to go on http://www.vgmixarchive.com/) [15:40:34] <audityo> heya, found an odd website with old info on vgmix x tracks http://astroblahhh.com/music/astrosort/mercury.shtml [15:41:07] <audityo> was thinking of going through and seeing if i can contact people to see if more can be found for vgmixarchive.com [15:41:13] <audityo> thru this information [15:41:16] * audityo is now k
  11. So nobody has even the layout saved from VGMix X? There were so many remixes there! And some of them were pretty enjoyable. If you go to http://www.archive.org there is no way to even see the "songs pages" from VGMix X! One of the admins of VGMix X has to have this layout/information, ...right? I still think it's possible one of the admins has it—so we can at least see the information, let alone lost MP3s. virt? anyone?
  12. http://www.twitch.tv/audity I've been streaming the entirety of the SNES's musical library—alphabetically, from snesmusic.org, in order to find "good music." I started months ago. I'm currently on letter B. I have already finished letter A, and I have strung together a megamix/medley for it, which can be found here: http://www.escaprism.org/songs/snes/BestOfSNES-A-individual-files.zip The plan is to have: 1) A personal assortment of music files from the SNES's music library – which maybe others besides me would like to listen to, from curiosity. 2) A megamix for each letter
  13. The only experience I have with SMS is hearing djp gush about it endlessly, hence making ReMixes for it, thus eventually inspiring me play the first Phantasy Star back in 2002 (on emulator, and once more in 2015 [on the same emulator for the most part, until I realized there are way better ones after more than a decade passing, somehow successfully transferring the save files over despite them being a different file type, by simply renaming it to them, with no guides on how to do that that I'm aware of]). I think it's equal to, or better (this, personally), than FF1 for the NES. I have not tho
  14. this links to it this also links to it I've been going through all of the alphabetical A's (will begin with the B's and so on, when the time comes) in the SNES's library of music to find all the most interesting music, and came across this track. (It was also used in the SMW romhack, Call of Cthulhu.)
  15. No one has seeded it for years, and I no longer have the file. lol. Not sure anyone even downloaded it from the torrent, maybe a couple, maybe none.
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