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Suikoden - Dragon Heart


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since remix the sauce it temporarily not being updated,

here is a submission email I sent.

Hello boyos.

Submitting something I did late at night after playing lots of frustrating Hours of trauma Center: Under the Knife on DS.

Suikoden 1+2 are still my favorite RPGs :) I get teary eyed when I think about the music in them.

The tune is " An Old Irish Song" in the game. It is the BGM music for walking around the Den of the Dragon Knights. It is played in game by a GM harp and strings.

My performance is fairly straightforward, but due to the rather unplanned nature of the playing, this is more or less a memory guided improvisation, and little fuddles in the playing are not something Im going to sacrifice genuine feeling over by doing a second take.

hope you lads enjoy.


And no Im not submitting a relative cover to OCR.

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