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  1. Oh dear, has it been six years already? Happy birthday, PRC!
  2. Ah, yes, Suikoden! A pleasant arrangement, stays true to the original.
  3. Negative criticism is something like "Oh dear, my ears are bleeding, go kill yourself!" You've given me positive encouragement.
  4. Here's the latest version: Sloprano WIP Almost done.
  5. The final version will be up to 4 minutes long, I presume. I'm still working on it, so this is not for certain. As for the WIP, it might be very close to the final version.
  6. The Sloprano track is progressing nicely. I'll post the next WIP soon.
  7. Well, if sephfire and SirRus are really pulling out, I am willing to take their track.
  8. damn, i thought you were gonna ask to do something for this. Well, I would now But it looks like all the tracks have already been claimed. I'm a bit slow sometimes.
  9. Interesting project. Eagerly awaiting to see the result.
  10. I did not think about adding the lyrics when I started this song. I still doubt this will work: the mix does not follow the original melody note by note, which will make the task quite difficult. However, if someone thinks this will work, I'm open for suggestions.
  11. I've started working on the Sloprano theme. So, here's the WIP - the first two minutes of the piece.
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