MnP 88: Maniac Mansion - Dave's Theme

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3 minutes ago, Dextastic said:

I thought it rocked, and I especially liked the transition into the ending at 1:19. I think something is clipping that shouldn't be after around the 1:00 mark though.

Yeah, was having trouble shoring up all the compression and clipping since 1) had to use my shittier guitar samples cuz Ample 2's guitars kept on activating keyswitches that I had not authorized (knowingly anyhow).  2) Kefir and FA36_Full VSTs refused to cooperate.  So yeah, I was reduced to using SampleTank 3 guitars, (which thankfully come with O.K. cabinet features) and had Fruity Blood Overdrive to give em the proper boost.  I'm sure if I spent another 6-8 hours it coulda been better, but, I got bummed out by samples and vsts not working proper lmao. 

Glad you enjoyed it though :)

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