Epic FootSteps - DW2 second walking theme remix

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I took another pass at this one. It didn't make it past the panel, and I took some of their advice when preparing this rendition. The rejection thread has the entirety of the constructive crits, but I'll outline some of the changes made this time around.

I shortened the intro as suggested.

I used a few different synths/vsts.

I altered the ending a bit.

I changed some of the percussion.

I very slightly changed the "soloing" part in the second half. The term "noodling" was used by one judge to describe it, which is good and bad at the same time, because that is the exact term/style I was looking for;) I narrowed a couple of intervals in that section, but didn't alter it overall very much at all.

Latest version below.

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Hey, good to hear this piece again! The intro flows nicely, so the shortening job was smooth. Opting out with the choir effect made it a bit crisper, I think. Your synth choice is in a good direction, too. Your mix is clearer and more concise, I'd say good work on this improvement.

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