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  1. I think the sus chord to the major chord at 40 seconds in is good, and sets up the following section nicely. Since it's boss battle music, tension is perfectly acceptable, IMO. The only thing I might add to that section is a percussion buildup that reaches it's climax immediately following the major chord at :40. You have a hit at that point, but perhaps a buildup during the sus chord and major chord would add emphasis? I'm not the most experienced writer, so consider that:)
  2. Ignoring the fact that Midway happened in 1942....I thought I would post a WIP of this. This is the first half, and even what's here isn't fleshed out fully yet. I am amused by the name I came up with it...even though bu-bye doesn't exactly rhyme with butai. This is an MP3 file at 112kbps so I could attach it to this post. The 1.43 MB limit is quite small:) Kido Bu-bye, 1943-Battle of Midway Stage1 Remix.mp3
  3. Something I just finished up today, and thought I would put it on the forums:) It's a redo of something I submitted a while back. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rrsU7hsjG64Od5Hv2hBD7awh2gIGEuqX/view?usp=sharing
  4. This is another attempt at this song. It's pretty different than the last try, and this one was done on PC instead of phone. Feedback welcome! https://youtu.be/7JhJUGe71Cc
  5. I probably won't ever try to submit or update this, just an experiment with FL studio mobile that I happen to like. DW1 walk theme 5_25_2022.wav
  6. This is something I put together recently, and I thought I would post it here. I have a couple things I would like feedback on. Number one, I'm not sure on the balance and reverb on the SID lead, and I'm also not sure how others will like "the 80's threw up in here" kind of thing I have going on. I personally like it, not sure if others will. Thanks for feedback ahead of time!:) Edit: I made a couple of adjustments. Looking4BuddiesMasterWAV.wav
  7. This is a work in progress remix of the World of Ruin overworld theme, Searching for Friends. I've gotten some new software lately, and this is using some of that. Feedback welcome!:) I do know that the EQ and loudness aren't where they should be, and the kick needs to be worked on:) Also, some humanization on the SID-style leads is needed. Lookin' For BuddiesWipMp3.mp3
  8. I haven't had time to take a crack at this....if someone else wants to contribute, that's awesome. I might be able to add at some time, but I can't guarantee timing right this moment:)
  9. So I finished this up today, and I like how it sounds. Feedback appreciated, and original linked for comparison. Three's A Crowd Submission.wav
  10. This is a work in progress remix. Feedback appreciated. Original Three's A CrowdWIPmp3.mp3
  11. I'll take another crack at it, if no one else is in line. I have to say, I'm impressed with the sound of that soundfont, especially for the size:)
  12. Three's A CrowdFL.mp3 This is a short work in progress I thought I would throw up here. It's less than half done, but I thought I might try to get some feedback:)
  13. Here is my small contribution:) BLORGx_4.flp
  14. Sounds good, perhaps the next time around:) I'm curious to hear your opinion on the soundfont when you try it.
  15. Awesome:) Edit: Someone mentioned the 64 bit soundfont player....musyng is a pretty decent soundfont, perhaps that could be allowed? There's a pretty good range of sounds in there.
  16. Yes I do! This sounds like so much fun:)
  17. Can I get in on this? What a fascinating idea:)
  18. This is a remix I did on FL Studio mobile, and uploaded to Soundcloud. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. I think Soundcloud altered the sound this a little. The sub bass seems a little enhanced compared to the WAV file, and 1k-2k seems a little suppressed. Thanks for feedback ahead of time!
  19. I might get to work more with this soon. I have had long hours at work, received a promotion, and have moved. I miss working on this sort of thing, I hope to get back into it:)
  20. This is another attempt at this remix, and since my last attempt, I have: Procured some synths as they have gone on sale. Hopefully the new sounds are more pleasing. I also automated various parameters on them. In addition, I applied more layering of synths. I had two choirs at the beginning with different attack values, I removed the one with the slower attack. I also altered the "voice" part at 1:49 I have applied compression on a per track basis, as opposed to on the master. The master bus does have a limiter on it, but I didn't push it very hard (I think). I also removed the vocal/vocode part mentioned, and also added a couple "splashes" of the walkabout theme from the first Dragon Warrior game to increase the percentage of game music content. Those splashes are heard at 20-26, and 1:28-1:35. The part at 42-55 is based on the second walkabout theme in DW2, albeit very loosely. Thought I would point it out, and even then, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't considered an interpretation of the source material. Previous 8 bar melody based on DW2. I lowered the volume and did EQ changes on the hats so they don't take up as much room. Also altered velocity and panning on hats. I did some small frequency cuts and boosts to try to make things more clear, and to give instruments more room against each other. Also tried to remove resonances. I still kept the arrangement largely as is. One of the judges compared this to older remixes arrangement wise, and I take that as a compliment. I like the older ones:) I did change some of the instrumentation, however. I spent what I think is too much time on the bass drum and snare you hear here. I tried to give them a little more meat, and there's like, 6 effects on each of those tracks. I probably put in a lot of work for something that won't be as well received as I hope it will;) I have just submitted this version (I have updated the file on this post a couple times), on 12-7. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback anyone might have! Eric EpicFootStepsSubmission12-7.wav
  21. Thanks for the detailed feedback, I shall apply it when I get a chance:)
  22. Thank you very much for the feedback, it's very detailed and greatly appreciated. I shall incorporate your suggestions when I get the chance:)
  23. This is my first shot using orchestral stuff. It's a wip, so it's not polished. It needs volume adjustments at the very least, and also this first section doesn't have much interpretation, but I would like feedback on other aspects. Thanks!
  24. This is something I had forgotten that I had started....so I finished it up quickly and here it is. Done on my phone during breaks at work. I think my favorite part is the cheesy name, pillaging a tomb music, with the Raiden moniker because of a track from a Mortal Kombat album years ago.
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