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    My name is Eric, and I am very, very new to the whole remixing of music thing, although I have enjoyed music since I was a child:) I have written and recorded several of my original tunes before. When I was younger, I was in the Marine Corps as a Bandsman out of 29 Palms, California. My primary instrument is the flute. If you need a live flute track, perhaps I can help provide it:)

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  1. It allows 14. I handed the different parts, minus the bass, around the different "machines" placed in the app. I wanted to get a little bit of a feel for each one...and each of them are stripped down versions of full synths, such as a saw, FM, subtractive, etc. It's called Caustic, and it is free to try, minus export and saving on Android. There is also a version you can download for windows which is completely functional. It's a fun thing to doodle with, and I think it will help me learn on a full DAW as well:)
  2. Damn, must be because I uploaded from my phone...from PC it Grant's permission automatically when you share a link. Let's see if I can fix it. Edit. Ok, I think it should play now.
  3. This is something I put together during breaks at work. I have a toddler, so time for doing anything musical is pretty much nonexistent. It was made using an app called Caustic on my cell phone. It's a redo of something I have posted on the forums before under a different name. When I first heard the app, I immediately thought of the sound of mod music on an Amiga computer, so I went with it. I used every machine the app has to try them all out, instead of just using the ones I think work/sound better. Tell me what you think:)
  4. I made some adjustments, how does this sound?:)
  5. I was wondering about that lead guitar. Its spicy guitar being run through TH3, with some other effects as well, though TH3 is the majority of the effect. Because I know nothing of guitars, I thought if I added extra effects, it would sound intentional, if that makes sense. Believe it or not, because of not getting to be out and about lately, I got myself a cheap guitar, and have been tinkering with that;)
  6. Sony MDR 7506. The thing is, is I have always had this issue with any headphones, even for just casual listening my entire adult life. I was trying to do "mixing" with earbuds, because you don't have to worry about having a pin head with earbuds;) For the same reason, I like listening to tunes through earbuds. So I've been taking an elastic strap and putting it around my head and headphones, therefor pressing the earpieces against my head harder. The sound difference is significant, even to my untrained ear. No, this is not an April Fools day joke...LOL! Also, I have read that people who have started listening to music through non bass enhancing headphones complain of a "tinny" perhaps I'm hearing the sound correctly if I don't have the earpieces pressed against my head with a strap? Any headphones I have ever worn feel wobbly and unsecured against my I don't even know if that is a normal sensation or not. I thank you for your response, and any further responses ahead of time:)
  7. I recently got a decent set of headphones, and I have a question. I notice that if I press the earpieces against my head with my hands, I get a much (what I perceive to be) better sound. Increased bass, volume, and clarity. Should I continue to put a strap around my head and headphones to maintain this sound? Does this throw of my perception of EQ? I have a small head. A google search was unsatisfactory. Thanks, and I apologize if this is a silly question ahead of time:)
  8. This is different than what I have tried before:) It's supposed to be a rock band playing the tune. I don't know guitar worth a damn, but I tried adding some automation to some guitar parts to make them sound more "human", but I didn't want to overdo it. Remix then original are posted. Thanks for feedback!:) Remix Original Remix
  9. I am inexperienced, and not yet posted here on OCRemixed, so take my advice with a grain of salt. First, I would like to say I like the tune, but I ask if the pumping starting at about 40 seconds, is it intentional? I'm not listening on optimal stuff right now, perhaps I'm hearing incorrectly:)
  10. Hi:) I'm an amateur, and I'm not posted on least not yet, but I will throw my two cents in since it was asked for. First, I would like to say I enjoy the tune, and the percussion sounds particularly nice:) Starting at about 1:00, there is a chime type instrument that I am hearing that sounds just a little too prominent, imo. At 1:14, there is an instrument ( A violin perhaps?) that comes in on a sustained B flat...that B flat and the other sustained B flats that follow on that instrument really stand out. Other than that, my amateur ear might suggest a boost on the master for the lows and low mids. Good luck, and I hope I'm not out of place offering my suggestions!:)
  11. Thanks for the feedback!:) The organ is certainly different, it's a church organ layered with a rock organ. I got some other feedback recently, and made some changes based on that:)
  12. Ok, so I am starting a new thread for this. This is quite a different take than I have done lately on this tune...and I can post all of the different versions that have been commented on if asked. This is my first version of this that is not done in LMMS, instead I have used Cakewalk for my DAW. There are things I couldn't get to work in LMMS that I can in Cakewalk, so I gave up on using LMMS for this submission. Also, this is done with VST's, as opposed to soundfonts, and I have finally started figuring out how to do some of the things I have read about on this side about production. Of course, I'm still a novice, but I think this is much closer to the mark than previous attempts:) Please please please, anyone who takes a gander at this, leave feedback, and thanks for the listen!:)
  13. Oops:) Thanks! I fixed it in my project, but probably wont upload until I've done further work on it.