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    My name is Eric, and I am very, very new to the whole remixing of music thing, although I have enjoyed music since I was a child:) I have written and recorded several of my original tunes before. When I was younger, I was in the Marine Corps as a Bandsman out of 29 Palms, California. My primary instrument is the flute. If you need a live flute track, perhaps I can help provide it:)

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  1. I turned off absolutely's been double checked:( Oh well, I assume when most people on this site listen to the tracks, they are sure they're hearing unadulterated music. I listen on my phone through headphones much of the time, as I notice my WIP's sound the same on my phone as through ASIO on my pc.
  2. Thanks for the reply:) changed some stuff with the lead guitar, toggled off doubling, and reduced the reverb.
  3. This is something I put together really quickly, and I want to know if the instrument quality is up to par. Thanks!:) I fiddled with the lead guitar a bit, toggled off something called "doubling", and dialed down the reverb.
  4. I took another pass at this one. It didn't make it past the panel, and I took some of their advice when preparing this rendition. The rejection thread has the entirety of the constructive crits, but I'll outline some of the changes made this time around. I shortened the intro as suggested. I used a few different synths/vsts. I altered the ending a bit. I changed some of the percussion. I very slightly changed the "soloing" part in the second half. The term "noodling" was used by one judge to describe it, which is good and bad at the same time, because that is the exact term/style I was looking for;) I narrowed a couple of intervals in that section, but didn't alter it overall very much at all. Latest version below.
  5. Thank you both for your responses:) I did check for enhancements under audio properties, and nothing is selected there. I'll have to see if there is some sort of properties menu in the media players. I don't know if this is a dumb question, but when judges listen to submissions, do they use a daw or wav editor when they do so, or is something else used? Thanks again for the responses!
  6. Ok, so I have some questions, and I apologize ahead of time if my post comes across as rambling, and I give thanks ahead of time for any suggestions given:) I am using BandLab's Cakewalk as a DAW, my computer has 8 gigs of ram with an i5-7400 processor. I am running a SSD. First off, I noticed when I export a WAV file through my DAW (that's using ASIO), if I open it in a WAV editor that's also using ASIO, it sounds the same. If I play the WAV using a run of the mill file player on my computer, such as Windows Media Player, the file sounds SIGNIFICANTLY different. If I alter the WAV file in the WAV editor, and then play it on a standard file player, the altered sound occurs then too. I've changed the sound driver option in my DAW to not use ASIO, but it really doesn't run very well, and you get some audio oddities while working on the track..however, the export sounds the same when played between your audio software, and the standard audio players. Also, If I get my WAV to sound how I want in my WAV editor, and then export to MP3, the sound is altered then too...and I'm not just talking about a lossy sound either. The resultant MP3 is over a decibel louder, and the waveform is altered visually in relation to the original WAV. Is this normal? I searched the internet for answers to these questions, and couldn't find answers that helped....or at least my novice self couldn't understand them. The only one I found was about not using ASIO in the first place...but there's got to be a better way, and that doesn't explain to me the MP3 issue. This is something I discovered after submitting something, and not realizing the change in sound of the MP3 submitted. Oh well. Thanks again ahead of time!
  7. Thanks for the feedback!:) I would like to spice it up more with the flute, but Mic time is hard to come by at all these days with an infant at home. I'm trying to make do with the recordings I already have. It's cool that you said something about the flute vs. Guitar....I am trying to make it as intentional sounding as it looks like that kinda worked;) Again, thanks for the listen and feedback!:)
  8. Lol, yeah, I very quickly was surprised by how awful the staff view is. I was super excited when I saw that as an option, and then...well, you know:)