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    My name is Eric, and I am very, very new to the whole remixing of music thing, although I have enjoyed music since I was a child:) I have written and recorded several of my original tunes before. When I was younger, I was in the Marine Corps as a Bandsman out of 29 Palms, California. My primary instrument is the flute. If you need a live flute track, perhaps I can help provide it:)

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  1. Audiomancer

    Alyssa's Lullaby

    I'm expecting my first child soon, and this is a lullaby I wrote and recorded for her:)
  2. Audiomancer

    1. work-in-progress Forever Rachel

    I took another shot at this. The bottom one of my original post is my most recent version. There's a couple notes I can't get to sound exactly how I want. They're supposed to be dissonant against the oboe countermelody..but every take it's just not quite right..and it's the same notes every time:) They're at 0:35 and 0:55. I've adjusted my pitch both ways on the notes in question, always sounds "off". I'm putting this take up because thunder struck nearby while I was recording towards the end, and it almost sounds like it was on purpose.
  3. An extremely rough first draft. I'm playing the flute...but I don't have a mic right now, so I recorded my playing with a cell phone, and it shows. Wow, it sure sounds different on SoundCloud, the EQ is even more harsh. Oh well, it's a work in progress, after all:-D Edit 4-29-18 Redid this with a cheap mic I found laying around the house. Sounds a little better, I think. I'm going to redo this at some point this coming week if I have the time, the performance here has some rough spots.
  4. Changed prefix to Ready for Review. Thanks for constructive advice ahead of time!:)
  5. I know I'm new here, and this is an old thread, but Zircon in his original post mentioned in bold print "picking up an instrument like piano or guitar." I believe he specified those two instruments for a couple of reasons. One of them is that you can play more than one pitch at a time, therefore getting yourself used to hearing and playing multiple notes at the same time/chords. Number two is that you can "see" the music theory right in front of you. Moving from one key to the very next on a keyboard (including black keys) is a half step, and every fret on a guitar is a half step. The only extra thing on guitar is knowing what pitch the different strings are:)
  6. Latest version up! Thanks for feedback:)
  7. Audiomancer


    I'm using LMMS. It's free, and I don't know if others do this, but it allows me to directly use SoundFonts, and I don't have to worry about bank switching. Some soundfonts are put together differently than others, and my noob self can't figure out how to use them correctly with proper notation software. LMMS is a step sequencer, and I'm still getting used to using that, instead of something like Sibeleus or Musescore. It's a learning experience that I have honestly enjoyed:)
  8. Audiomancer


    Ha! This is something I did quite a while ago, and when I was listening to it, I thought to myself, "Hmm, I think I noticed some similarities with the DW piece I've been working on;) I noticed the lack of discernible articulation as well...I wonder what my thought was on that, why my articulation was so faint, or if somehow I "produced" it out of the music...I don't know how/why I would have done that. The whole accompaniment was just a Roland keyboard MIDI interfaced with notation software (including the middle section), then recorded and played along with. I was, and still very much am, new to the arranging and production of music. I had a few years where I wasn't doing really anything musical at all, and now I'm getting back into it. I'm really enjoying trial and erroring my way through the using of digital audio software:) Thanks for the comment!
  9. Audiomancer


    Something I wrote and did a while back. I'm playing the flute, and I wrote the background music. If I recall correctly for the background music, used notation software to command a Roland keyboard, and recorded the result.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! Good, that's the one I was hoping would come across as better sounding. I've been fiddling with different compression settings, as well as figuring out what to adjust and when to adjust it in the mixing process. Someone else above mentioned something about a reference track, but didn't mention the regularity of switching back and forth between the reference track and the track you are working on. I think I have it (my desired EQ) pretty close...I have a couple different styles in the mix I am working on, and I've done my best to make sure they all sound good. I've also taken a break working on it/listening to it, and then listen to it "fresh" after a couple days. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and comment:)
  11. Edit 3-28-18 Changed some EQ again...I have two versions posted in my original post now. I have the one labeled Latest Edit, and I have one below that labeled Different EQ. If I could get some feedback on the EQ on those, and be told which one sounds better EQ-wise (not taking into consideration overall volume), that would be greatly appreciated:) I want to know which headphone set is steering me more in the correct direction, as far as sound is concerned.
  12. Vidilian, What you said about cleaning up the reverb made sense to least I think it did;) I changed some of the reverb parameters as suggested, and also played with the EQ a bit more. Also changed a section of drums I decided needed change, Again, thanks for the continued feedback. I've actually been enjoying playing with all of this stuff, the more I learn, the better I might do:)
  13. Vidilian, I added the reverb on a instrument by instrument basis, so lessening the reverb on the lower pitched instruments shouldn't be too much of an issue to solve. Thanks for the continued feedback!:)
  14. This sounds nice:) What kind of instrument are you playing on, if I might ask?
  15. Thank you both for the feedback! I appreciate the advice from both of you:) That string instrument that satoka refers to is a cello that's been "chorused". I noticed after I posted this that the sample has a sort of "ramp up" time to it, or a slow attack. I think I'm saying that properly:) I think I will change that. Vidilian, That's a great idea, I doubt I would have thought of that on my own. The vastly different character of sound from even slightly different speaker setups is/was vexing to me. Thanks again for the feedback!