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Frederic Petitpas

Augmented Reality

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Hi peop,

just wondering if you guys are already fiddling with augmented reality or is it "almost" still a thing of the future ?
I mean, appart from Pokemon Go, some options in my S8 when using the camera, I don't have much experience with augmented reality. (don't count Pokemon Go, I tried it about 2 minutes).

I'd gladly take your suggestions though. I have android (Galaxy S8). I got the 3D helmet for it, it's cool. It's very cool, but that's not augmented reality.

I did try one app last week though, I guess it's augmented reality cause it's using the GPS but not the camera.

Solar System Scope (

You can track the sky, live. Am I late or what ? hahah

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In my opinion, and the opinion of many game designers I know as well surprisingly, AR and VR are more likely to find their homes in construction, police, military, medical, etc. fields than they are in video games. Tech wise, I don't think it's still a thing of the future (excluding Sci-Fi level advancements), but I just don't think it's found its best fit yet.

I don't want to be in the game or have the game be in my living room. It's fine where it's at: The TV screen or Computer monitor. 


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