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I've been working on remixing the entire soundtrack of a particular game for a very long time now, and it's finally nearing completion. Each song transitions into the next, and I've got them all mixed into one long audio file in order for them to play that way. However, now I'm having a bit of trouble cutting them up perfectly so that the songs can be separated and still segue 100% smoothly into one another. Does anybody know if there's a program or something that I could use to easily cut the tracks up, or do I just have to bring them into an audio software and define the start/end points as painstakingly carefully as possible so that it lines up?

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Most DAW's have a "split tool" that accomplishes what you are asking for. You might want to look into getting the cheapest version of a DAW, such as Studio One Artist for 50 bucks, and see if it accomplishes what you need.  

The free program Audacity also has this function though honestly i've never used it so I can't vouch for how well it works.  You might want to start there and see if it works how you want it to. 

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