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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Aquatic Ruin Zone Remix

Ryan Jobson

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Hey guys!

It's been ages since I've posted here, mainly because I haven't worked on a remix in quite a while. I'm happy to say that's changed today! I just finished a remix of Aquatic Ruin Zone from Sonic 2!

Now, keep in mind this is a very conservative remix with some parts that are identical to the original, but I extended certain bars and added a little bit of a twist as the song progresses (and then repeats a couple of times). The reason is because this at first was just going to be a complete remake. And it was originally created entirely by ear, every drum hit and every note. This was not a midi rip. Eventually I got a little bit more creative with it, and the result is what you hear now - a very conservative remix with some moderate additions that I think make for a very nice, nostalgic, yet updated version of the song.

I realize because of how similar it is to the original version, it cannot be submitted. That's ok. Some day I'll make a wacky and different enough remix where I can feel it's worth of submitting.

Hope you guys enjoy this one! Feels good to be back making music again.




P.S. Any feedback on production quality always welcomed. Thanks in advance!


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This is one of the shortest songs on the Sonic 2 soundtrack, so milking a loop that small into a 4 minute track...I think it gets a little redundant 3 minutes in, but you did a great job recreating the original and giving it an overhaul, while keeping the synth line still a little retro sounding and airy (and those hand claps I've always loved). I could certainly see this as BGM to a reboot/remake of the game. If you wanted to make it a standalone song, maybe drop certain tracks out at points, or somehow play around with the land/underwater dichotomy from the level. Or whatever! Endless possibilities! 

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